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Office of Marketing and University Communication

The University name and its use

The institution’s full name — University of Wisconsin-Green Bay — is a good choice on first reference in most text. UW-Green Bay is acceptable on first reference when context or audience makes the identity clear. UW-Green Bay is always acceptable on second and subsequent references. The acronym UWGB should be used for local, limited and informal use. The article “the” is not part of the formal name. The formal name includes a hyphen, not a comma.

‘UWGB’ has a place

Those who know us will naturally use the acronym UWGB. To those on campus, in the closest regions who hear of the University of Wisconsin‑Green Bay in their daily lives, or attend our events, this shortcut is friendly, familiar and allows them to feel part of the greater community. When expressed as such, an insider nickname, there can be a useful and appealing informality that communicates to the audience that they are “part of the family.”

Nevertheless, UW-Green Bay offices should avoid the usage in formal institutional communication and marketing materials.

‘This is UW-Green Bay’

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is a comprehensive public institution
offering 360° of Learning to approximately 6,700 students.

360° of Learning means students will learn to examine and solve problems from multiple perspectives and viewpoints. They will work with professors who are experts in their field, both excellent researchers and caring teachers. They will be surrounded by an abundance of learning opportunities — in their classrooms and labs, through online learning, via leadership opportunities and by way of extra-curricular activities and real-world, hands-on experiences including internships, research and independent studies.

It’s an all-around more meaningful approach to a university degree.

UW-Green Bay, with its exceptional facilities, on a scenic bayshore campus, is centrally located, close to both the Door County resort area and the dynamic economies of the Northeast Wisconsin and Fox Valley regions.