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Assisted living providers are at the epicenter of converging change ― the aging population, a new health awareness, social justice concerns and new technology. Assisted living administrators are important navigators of this change and are especially impacted by staffing shortages and employee retention.

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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Self-Paced Online Training: $15
30 Minutes

Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in low workplace morale and decreased employee effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency. If unchecked, rising stress may cause increased employee absenteeism or burnout. Mindfulness has shown great value in enhancing stress management and promoting employee self-care, which is why businesses have started to integrate the practice into the workplace. Additional benefits include aiding clear and constructive communication and strengthening workplace relationships. Mindfulness is a relational practice: It's a way to re-frame our relationship to stress, burnout, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and other challenges at work. This self-paced training module will provide practical applications to implement mindfulness into your daily work routine.

Team or employee group pricing available. Contact us for in-person training for large groups at


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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Self-Paced Online Training: $30
2 Hours

Emotional Intelligence is key to controlling your emotions, handling conflicts effectively, reducing stress and clearly communicating with your team! This self-paced course will give you the tools and skills to know your emotions and how they affect all aspects of your life. You will begin to understand how emotions play into decision making and personality types in your workplace, and you will also learn how to lead yourself to lead others in an emotionally intelligent workplace.

Team or employee group pricing available. Contact us for in-person training for large groups at


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Leadership Principles

Self-Paced Online Training: $35
1.25 Hours

Regardless of your role in your workplace, you have an opportunity to be a leader. Becoming a leader often requires a conscious effort and an awareness of people, self, and circumstances. This course will look at different leadership philosophies and ways you can begin to develop your own style. It will also explore best practices you can incorporate into your approach to leadership. The course has been approved for 1.25 continuing education hours and comes with a participant guide.


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Motivating Employees

Self-Paced Online Training: $35
1.25 Hours

With the caregiver workforce shortage worsening, boosting employee morale, engagement and motivation are now more critical than ever. This training will assist administrators and managers to enhance their team culture by developing a plan and recognition program that will motivate, guide development, grant autonomy and highlight meaning. The course has been approved for 1.25 continuing education hours and comes with a participant guide.


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Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo

Good Hiring Practices Do Not Happen By Chance
Self-Paced Online Training: $25

Having a structured hiring process can help to find the right employee and retain them. A positive hiring and on-boarding practice can also help to improve your facility's reputation as well as increase employee satisfaction and retention, which is critical during the workforce shortage we are experiencing. This one-hour course will provide you with several valuable tools to add to your hiring and retention toolbox.

  • Create a structure hiring process
  • Develop an on-boarding practice
  • Learn the basics of reputation management


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Dementia Care for Caregivers & Administrators

Regular Online Course: $50
Train-the Trainer Online Course: $75

All too often caregivers make a challenging situation worse because they do not have the skills needed to help individuals with cognitive deficiencies. Each interactive module will identify communication skills that will improve interactions with residents, especially those who have had past traumatic experiences. Take your Dementia Care knowledge and experience to the next level with this three-hour course. Want to become a trainer to train your staff in Dementia Care? Take the Train-the-Trainer version of the course and receive the curriculum to teach. This course has been approved for 3 continuing education hours with learning modules.

Learning Modules:
  • Improve your communication and interactions with people living with dementia
  • Understand and handle challenging behaviors
  • Learn the advantages of trauma-informed dementia care


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On-Request Core Training

We provide on-request training in the core CBRF classes of Medication Administration, Standard Precautions, Fire Safety and First Aid and Choking online or on-site for groups of 10 or larger.

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Professional Development

Our noncredit certificates offer immediately transferable skills and are 100% online, allowing you to balance work, family and education. You can demonstrate to your current or future employer your accomplishment with a digital badge.

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Geriatric Health

Seize the opportunity in geriatric health as we approach an aging milestone. Revolutionize healthy aging and cross-disciplined care.

Commit to Healthy Aging

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Management in Health Systems

Healthcare is evolving. Expand your responsibilities with technology and coordination skills that do not involve direct patient care.

Make a Difference

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Schreiber Institute for Women's Leadership

Pioneering programming & events to benefit women.

Committed to eliminating barriers that narrow professional opportunities for women. Join us! Become an individual or business member, and let's rise together.

Be Empowered

More Continuing Education Opportunities

We create continuing education courses for human services professionals that might be of interest to you, especially in the categories of ethics and boundaries and special topics.

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Contact us. If you'd like to learn more about our upcoming programs or administrator training, don't hesitate to reach out to Sam Anderson, Program Coordinator at 920-465-2587 or

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