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Student Success

CAREER SERVICES Career Services assists students with choosing a major and a career, through counseling, assessments and a Career Planning Course (Hum Dev 225). 465-2163
COFRIN LIBRARY The Library provides research assistance in person, via e-mail, phone, or through the web chat feature.  Citation help is available as well as tools to make formatting citations easier.  There are a variety of study spaces to accommodate both groups & individuals throughout floors 3-6.  Computers, laptops, and iPads are all available for use in the Library. 465-2540
COUNSELING AND HEALTH CENTER Counseling and Health Center staff offer counseling to all students. Counselors can assist students in dealing with a wide range of personal issues, providing short term counseling, crisis intervention, information and referral.  Issues that students often seek assistance with include relationship and family issues, depression, study habits, test anxiety, self-exploration, adjustment to school, and more. 465-2380
DISABILITY SERVICES Students can request academic support services and potentially receive accommodations through the Disability Services Office. Federal regulations require that the Disability Services Office have on file documentation of disability and eligibility for services before any services are provided. 465-2841
FINANCIAL AID OFFICE Can provide you with the information you need to figure out how you can afford school. 465-2075
REGISTRAR’S OFFICE The Registrar’s staff can provide you with information regarding deadlines to add classes, drop classes, or even to withdraw from the university.  Other important university forms are housed at this office as well. 465-2657
TUTORING & LEARNING CENTER Tutoring Services offers FREE individual tutoring sessions and study groups for UW-Green Bay undergraduate courses each semester. Courses supported by tutoring will vary each semester and are facilitated by Individual Tutors and/or Study Group Leaders who will hold structured discussions, answer questions, review course material, and help prepare for exams. All tutors are subject area experts who have successfully completed the course usually with the same instructor. The Tutoring Services Coordinator can also meet with students during the semester to provide tips on study strategies for academic success. 465-2958
WRITING CENTER The Writing Center helps students become better writers by offering suggestions on how to improve your skills. By using the Writing Center, you'll certainly turn in better papers; but more important, you'll gradually become a better writer. 465-2338