Declaring Majors/Minors/Certificates

How to Declare a Major

Earning a Second Bachelor’s Degree at UW-Green Bay

Currently, UW-Green Bay has no dual degree programs. Students who have earned a first baccalaureate degree from UW-Green Bay may earn a second, distinct baccalaureate degree by completing a minimum of 30 additional undergraduate credits in residence subsequent to the awarding of the first degree and by satisfying all major requirements for the second degree, including a second minor if it required as part of the subsequent degree. Prior minors earned may not be used to satisfy this requirement. This 30 credit requirement includes a minimum of 15 credits that are used to satisfy the requirements for the major or minor declared as part of the second degree. The two bachelor’s degrees earned must have different degree designations (e.g., BS, BA, BAS, BBA, BSN, BSW).

Students with Two or More Majors

Students who declare two or more majors at the same time are granted only one baccalaureate degree and receive only one diploma upon graduation. If the majors declared have different degree designations, then the student must choose which degree they want to receive. All successfully completed majors are recorded on the student’s academic transcript.