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What We Do

Primary Responsibilities

  1. Providing access to information in support of teaching & learning by:

    • maintaining access hours in Client Services and general access labs
    • organizing and distributing information content electronically
    • providing reliable instructional technology for classrooms & meeting spaces
  2. Managing information systems which support administrative functions by:

    • maintaining the Student Information System
    • maintaining the campus-wide information system on the web server
    • maintaining other campus-wide administrative systems
    • planning for system upgrades and migrations
  3. Building & maintaining a communication infrastructure, which includes:

    • managing the campus wired and wireless network architecture
    • planning for network operating system upgrades and migrations
    • managing desktop operating system environment
    • providing technical support (hardware and software)
    • providing repair services for workstations, printers and media equipment
    • providing robust and reliable Internet access
  4. Assisting students, faculty & staff in the effective use of technology by:

    • maintaining general access labs for students
    • supporting remote labs
    • providing assistance in using computer applications and resolving problems through the Help Desk Service

Organizational Chart

The Division of Information Technology has teams of staff that specialize in user support, academic technology, security, networking, web development, and information systems. For a detailed breakdown, view the Organizational Chart.