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SpectrumU TV

new streaming service

Watch live TV anywhere on Campus!

Housing & Residential Education is excited to offer SpectrumU as a replacement for Cable TV. This service will allow students to watch live TV and an array on-demand content anywhere on campus using your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. It is also available on Apple TV, Chromecast, and Roku devices.

Start Streaming

Ipad and Laptop


SpectrumU is a video streaming service that uses account to access over 200 channels, along with a wide selection of on-demand shows and movies. SpectrumU will be the replacement for cable TV starting late December on campus.

When connected to the University wired or wireless internet, SpectrumU allows on-campus residents have access to expanded channel lineup and stream On-Demand content. This service will not be available for any devices connected to the "wireless guest" network. When not connected to the campus network you are still able to use the service, but some content will be unavailable and you will be limited to a single stream.

How to Setup SpectrumU TV

Before downloading and logging into the SpectrumU on a device, make sure you are connected to the campus "eduroam" or "IoT" network. Laptops and smart phones should connect to the "eduroam" wireless network. When signing into SpectrumU, if prompted for the domain, enter "". For full instructions on how to setup your SpectrumU, please use the guide below.

SpectrumU TV Guide

Stream SpectrumU on PC

To watch using your computer go to, Click the “Sign into SpectrumU” button at the bottom of the page. On the next screen you will then enter as the school domain. You will then log in using your uwgb account.

Get SpectrumU on Smart Devices

The SpectrumU app is available for smartphones, tablets, computers, streaming devices, and certain smart TVs. To download the SpectrumU app you can visit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Roku and Other Devices

Connect your device to the IoT network. If there is no standalone SpectrumU app for your supported device, download the Spectrum TV app. Roku devices must download the Spectrum TV app in the Roku Channel Store. Sign in using your account.

Note: Not all streaming devices support SpectrumU.

Amazon Fire Sticks and Fire TVs, PlayStation, and Xbox are not supported devices and are unable to stream SpectrumU.

Supported Devices

Students can watch content on iOS or Android mobile devices, as well as on tablets, laptops or desktops. It's also available on Roku devices, Apple TV, and Chromecast* — making it the perfect way to stream content without being tied to one location or screen.

Service Requests

If you have any questions regarding SpectrumU TV, please reach out to If you encounter any technical problems, do not contact Spectrum directly. Instead, contact GBIT at (920) 465-2309, or