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Technology Purchases

The Division of IT is responsible for tracking all technology assets purchased with university funds. To ensure accurate inventory and tracking, all computer hardware, software, peripherals or any other equipment that is intended to connect to the University’s wired or wireless network and/or purchased with University funds will require consultation with and approval by IT prior to purchase.

Hardware Purchases

The IT Division supports computer workstations, laptops, tablets, and monitors purchased either from Dell or Apple. Standardizing on these two manufacturers ensures that we can provide the best support possible at reasonable prices. Any items not purchased through IT are subject to return. Details and specifics for hardware can be found at each of the links below:

For consultations on hardware purchases please contact the Help Desk at 920-465-2309 or

Software Purchases

University-owned computers come with several software applications pre-installed, including the Microsoft Office Suite. Other products are available to be installed upon appropriate request or through IT’s Software Center.

Other software purchases can be made with prior approval from IT. Some items to consider and information to gather prior contacting IT for purchase approval:

  • Data and security compliance
    • Does the software track and store data? If so, where will it be stored?
    • What is the data privacy, protection, storage, and backup policies?
  • Access / Login
    • Does the software request registration requirements?
    • Is there need for accounts to be created to login?
  • Integration requirements or data import/export with any enterprise applications
    • Will there be a need for the software to consume already existing data from other system? If so, what systems?
  • What are the terms and conditions and/or software agreement details for the software?
    • Formal quotes and/or contract details
    • Other vendor supplied information such as normal implementation timelines or other vendor requirements of UW-Green Bay IT

For software purchase consultations or reviews please complete an IT Project Request.

Cloud Application or Service Purchases

A “cloud” application or service (Sometimes referred to as Software as a Service or SaaS, or Platform as a Service or PaaS, is hosted and managed outside of the organization and delivered over the Internet vs. being hosted and managed on/by internal organization resources. This can provide both benefits and/or challenges depending on the situation. In an effort to confirm compliance with UW System policy, ensure proper evaluation and prioritization of requests, and ensure solution supportability, all new cloud application requests should be entered as an IT Project Request to start an IT and security assessment. The length of the assessment process will vary based on a variety of factors including vendor responsiveness, information provided, complexity, current request backlog, etc. Examples of areas IT will review are included below along with some general items to consider for cloud-based applications and services

  • Data and security compliance
    • Electronic payments, PCI compliance
    • Data privacy, protection, storage, and backup policies
      • Particular focus on high-risk data (financial data, personally identifiable information, etc.)
    • Data breach policy and procedures
  • Access, login and registration requirements including Single Sign On (SSO) and/or Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Integration requirements or data import/export with any enterprise applications
  • Support and SLA details 
  • Local UWGB infrastructure compliance if applicable
  • Terms and Conditions details
  • Software Agreement details
  • Formal quotes and/or contract details
  • Other vendor supplied information such as normal implementation timelines or other vendor requirements of UW-Green Bay IT

Common documentation used to review cloud applications include: 
  • Purchase contracts/quote
  • HECVAT (Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit)
    • This is a questionnaire developed specifically for higher education institutions to measure vendor risk. Having a prospective vendor provide a completed HECVAT document will greatly simplify the evaluation from a security perspective. If the vendor in question regularly deals with higher education institutions they will likely already have the form filled out. IT will always ask for a copy of this document, including it in a request will reduce time for review
  • Software Agreement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • PCI DDS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) documentation if applicable
  • SOC2 report (or other similar security/compliance/privacy reports/policies, architectural diagrams, or vulnerability assessments
  • VPAT (Voluntary Product Accessibility Template)
    • This is a document explaining how information and communication technology products (software, hardware, electronic content, support documentation) meet government standards for IT accessibility. If unavailable the vendor/requestor should explain how the product or service meets disability access and use requirements
  • Vendor supplied documentation including
    • Single Sign On (SSO) capabilities and/or setup process
    • Integration requirements
    • Proposed or generic implementation schedule/steps
    • Other solution specific procedures

For cloud application/service purchase consultations or reviews please complete an IT Project Request.

Hardware Purchasing Standards

The prices below are the current estimates and are subject to change. Macs can easily be configured with any option Apple offers. We get a discount on our Apple order in spring (except iPads), but pay normal academic prices the rest of the year. All Windows desktops and laptops come with 4-year warranties. iPads can be purchased with AppleCare.

  Desktop – Windows Desktop – Mac Option 1 Desktop – Mac Option 2
Model Dell OptiPlex 5080 SFF iMac iMac
Screen Size Supports up to three monitors 21.5” 4K* 27” 5K*
Processor Intel Core i5 10500 - Six Core  Intel Core i5 8500 - Six Core 3.0 GHz Intel Core i5 8500 - Six Core 3.0 GHz
Graphics Intel UHD 630 Radeon Pro 560X with 4GB GDDR5 Radeon Pro 570X with 4GB GDDR5
Memory 16 GB (2x8GB) DDR4-2666 8 GB 16 GB
Hard Drive Size 512 GB SSD 256 GB SSD or 512 GB SSD 512 GB SSD
Optical Drive CD/DVD Burner None None
Webcam None - Can purchase standalone webcam 720p HD Webcam 720p HD Webcam
Price $695 $1494 or $1674 $2174
Link to Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

*Macs support additional monitors, but will require adapters ($10-30).

4-5-year-old computers with monitors are reused for qualified student workers, Adjuncts, rentals, etc. Rentals are $45/month and include monitors. Purchase price is $100 with a one-year life cycle.


Laptops no longer include a carrying case. We may have some used cases available; contact the Help Desk to inquire. We can also order a Dell Sleeve for $12 or a Dell Carrying Case for $34.

  Windows Laptop Option 1 Mac Laptop Option 1 Mac Laptop Option 2 Mac Laptop Option 3
Model Dell Latitude 5420 MacBook Air 13" MacBook Pro 13" MacBook Pro 16"
Screen Size 14" (1920x1080 resolution) 13.3" (2560x1600 resolution) 13.3” (2560x1600 resolution) 16” Retina (3072x1920- resolution)
Processor Intel i5-1135G7 - 4 core, 8mb cache, base 2.4GHz up to 4.2GHz Apple M1 Chip w/ 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU Apple M1 Chip w/ 8-core CPU, 8-core GPU Intel i7-9750H - six-core 2.6 GHz w/ 4.5 GHz Turbo
Graphics Intel UHD 620 Apple M1 7-core Apple M1 8-core Radeon Pro 5300M with 4GB GDDR6 + Intel HD 630
Memory 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB
Hard Drive 256 GB SSD  256 GB SSD 512 GB SSD 512 GB SSD (+$180 for 1 TB)
Optical Drive None None None None
Keyboard Back-lit Keyboard (No Number Pad) Back-lit Keyboard (No Number Pad) with Finger ID Back-lit Keyboard (No Number Pad) with Touch Bar and Finger ID Back-lit Keyboard (No Number Pad) with Touch Bar and Finger ID
Webcam 720p HD Webcam 720p HD Webcam 720p HD Webcam 720p HD Webcam
Weight 3.03 pounds 2.8 pounds 3.0 pounds 4.3 pounds
Size 12.65" x 8.35" x 0.76” 11.97" x 8.36" x 0.16-0.63" 11.97" x 8.36" x 0.61" 14.09" x 9.68" x 0.64"
Price $802 $1228 $1728 $2388
Docking Station* (Optional) $141 $130 $130 $250
Link to Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase

*Docking station is required for dual monitors support. It comes with a power adapter so one can be left at your desk all the time. Docking stations are highly recommended when the laptop is your primary computer and you plan to hook it up to a monitor.  


iPads must be purchased through IT. We can only manage them if we purchase through Apple. AppleCare is available and recommended for the more expensive models.

  32 GB WiFi 64 GB WiFi 128 GB WiFi 256 GB WiFi 512 GB WiFi 1 TB WiFi
iPad 10.2" $299   $399      
iPad Air 10.9"   $549   $699    
iPad Mini 7.9"   $379   $529    
iPad Pro 11"     $749 $849 $1049 $1249
iPad Pro 12.9"     $899 $999 $1199 $1399



We often have used HP 19" monitors available for $30 each. (Adapters may be needed and can cost up to $29)
We now offer a Dell 24" monitor with USB-C. It can transfer both power and video over a single USB-C cable to our newest HP laptops and MacBooks, and it can daisy chain a second monitor for Windows computers. This can potentially eliminate the need for docking stations in some cases (as long as you don't need wired network), or be an alternative to buying a second power adapter to just leave on your desk.

  Dell 24" with USB-C Dell 27" with USB-C Dell 32" 4K QHD with USB-C
Model P2419HC P2720DC P3221D
Max Resolution 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440
Cost $187 $280 $333
Link to Purchase Purchase Purchase Purchase
Keyboards and Mice

IT will provide basic wired keyboards and mice; anything wireless or Bluetooth will need to be purchased through your department. Departments need to purchase these items using a P-card.

Model Logitech C270
Max Resolution 720p
Cost $35
Link to Purchase Purchase