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We love to hear project ideas and initiatives that could utilize our team's expertise. We receive several technology requests everyday, which range from quick and simple items to much larger and complex projects. The table below contains examples to help determine whether an initiative is considered a project or operational.

Generally items considered as operational work will be submitted via an IT Service Desk request. Projects and enhancements will utilize the IT Project Request Form. If there are questions about whether your request would be considered a project after reviewing the information below please reach out to

Request a Project

What is a project?

A project is a temporary effort undertaken to produce a unique product, service, or result. A project has a pre-defined scope, budget, and timeline including a beginning and ending timeframe. The ultimate goal of a project is to deliver specific pre-defined value and benefits on schedule and within budget.

What is operational work?

Operational work is ongoing work to support the organization and systems of the organization, whereas project work ends when a project is closed.


Operational Work (Enhancements and Service Desk)Project
Developing or modifying a report for an existing system (Enhancement Request)Implementation of a new CRM, HRS system, or associated module
SIS enhancements or data manipulation/correction (Enhancement Request)Major upgrade to SIS or other existing system
Adding a workflow to BP Logix (Enhancement Request)Implementing BP Logix
Modifications to existing cloud hosted applications (Enhancement Request)Implementing a new cloud hosted service or moving an existing on premise solution to be cloud hosted
 Any product or service that processes electronic payments
Adding or modifying a phone/phone configuration (Service Desk)Implementing a new phone system
Adding or modifying a database (Service Desk)Converting databases to a new format campus wide
Replacing or updating a server (Service Desk)Updating or replacing the entire, or a large subset of the server infrastructure
Adding a badge reader or modifying access (Service Desk)Replacing badge access system
Replacing a lab station or installing software (Service Desk)Development and construction of a new lab space (Examples include a Business and Finance Lab, Nursing Lab, E-Sports initiative, etc.)
Workstation replacement (Service Desk)Summer Roll-out involving replacement of a large quantity of end of life equipment
Adding a user to systems (Service Desk)Development and implementation of a new onboarding process
Replacing or adding a network switch (Service Desk)Core network switch replacement, campus building network switch refresh
Creating ITSM (IT Service Management system reports (Service Desk)Implementing a new ITSM (IT Service Management) product
Replacing or adding a projector to a classroom (Service Desk)Department move and/or campus building remodel
Website changes (Service Desk)Website rehosting and/or complete redesign
System patching or minor version upgrades (Service Desk)Integrating new branch campus's
Service Desk incidents and other service requests (Service Desk)Outsourcing of department work, or an entire department
New employee onboarding activities (Service Desk) 
Replacing or adding a wireless access point (Service Desk)Campus wide wireless infrastructure replacement