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Advising for Study Abroad

Study abroad is a critical component of a comprehensive liberal arts undergraduate education. In fact, recent studies conducted by the 35-institution University System of Georgia found that students who study abroad have improved academic performance upon returning to their home campus, higher graduation rates, and improved knowledge.

Students look to you, the faculty and staff, to advise them about academic matters. On this page you will find links to our academic advising documents and also links to individual academic programs.

When advising student about study abroad, keep in mind:

  • Work with a student to perform course substitutions. Not every class offered abroad is an exact match to courses at UW-Green Bay; that’s the point! Allow flexibility in transferability.
  • Don’t wait for a student to ask you about study abroad; pose the question, “have you considered participating in a study abroad program?”
  • Don’t hesitate to refer students to the Office of International Education. Without your encouragement a student may never visit our office, and we can spend time with each student in selecting the program that is right for them.

Anything that you can do to promote the idea of study abroad and encourage participation is greatly appreciated! Our study abroad advisors are available to help answer any questions.

Advising for Study Abroad

Advising for Travel Courses

UW-Green Bay offers several faculty-led travel courses each year during the academic breaks. These programs are generally listed as a 299 or 499 course under a specific department.

**Exceptions to this are Spanish department immersion courses, which require an Academic Advising Agreement.  6 credit travel courses may require an Advising Agreement as well, contact the OIE. 

Students are registered for this course as part of a regular term. While some students count these programs as general education requirements, others may need to substitute this course for a major or minor requirement or have it count as an elective in their program plan. The individual program website provides details on general education coverage (find these from this website).

Please encourage students to work with the Registrar to complete any necessary forms and work with the Academic Advising office on any general education equivalencies.

Advising for National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange (NSE) is a national program that offers students the opportunity to study at universities all over the United States and in Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more about the program on this website.

**Note that French and Spanish immersion courses are available in Quebec and Puerto Rico.

Students who participate need to complete an Academic Advising Agreement before departure. Course catalogs or syllabi are found on the individual university website, found from the main NSE website listed above.

If universities use the quarter system, please refer to the chart below for credit conversions back to UW-Green Bay:

Quarter CreditSemester Credit at UWGB
Each Additional CreditAdd .67

Advising for Study Abroad

Students have the opportunity to participate in over 12 different semester program locations through UW-Green Bay. While some programs offer specific courses for international students, others offer their entire course catalog.

Please pay careful attention to the Academic Credit Chart or Advising Agreement to ensure students are taking the equivalent of 12-18 UW-Green Bay credits abroad. The information below is intended to help you advise on study abroad programs as well as complete an academic advising agreement for students.

Academic Advising Agreement

Study Abroad Programs (brings you to our program list, each program has a link to course catalog)

UWGB Study Abroad Academic Credit Charts

Specific Program Locations

Visit the student Academic Advising page to find grade equivalency charts, a link to the program website, and course catalog/list for each university. Please note that some universities do not post courses more than a month before a program start date or may have course changes/restrictions for study abroad students.

Please contact the Office of International Education with any questions on this information.

Advising Non-UWGB Study Abroad Programs

UW-Green Bay students have the option of participating in a program outside of the university if that program fits their academic and personal needs. Academic advising is similar to study abroad advising for these programs, however before a student applies to a non-UWGB study abroad program they will need to complete the Non-UWGB Program Checklist.

This form allows students to have courses they plan to take abroad pre-approved by the Registrar so there are no issues with credit transfer after they return. Programs outside of approved UW-Green Bay study abroad or National Student Exchange programs will be entered as transfer credit. After the credit is approved the student will work with their academic advisor to find the equivalencies in their academic programs.

**NOTE: UW-Green Bay can only approve programs/courses for credit offered by another university or approved organization. Independent study credit cannot be approved for experiences abroad due to liability concerns.