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Travel Course Leader Information

Once your travel course has been approved you will be notified by the Office of International Education on next steps. Please contact the Office of International Education at or 920-465-2190 with questions or concerns about your travel course. You can find more detailed information in the policy handbook.

First Meeting (“Kick-Off”)

After your proposal is accepted you will meet with the Office of International Education to review your proposal and begin planning your course. Topics in this meeting include:

  • Responsibilities (Faculty and OIE)
  • Airfare
  • Promotion
  • Contingency Plans
  • Grade Submission
  • Medical Safety/Resources
  • University and System Documents
  • Visas
  • Budget Items
  • Online Application
  • Student Orientation Meetings
  • Course Registration
  • Liability Issues
  • Travel Documents
  • Vaccinations
  • Other Questions or Concerns

Second Meeting (“Send-Off”)

2-3 weeks before you depart on your travel course you will meet again with the Office of International Education. During this meeting you will go over your program folder and finalize your program budget expenditures. Additional topics covered include:

  • Accounting & Travel Course receipts
  • Communicating with Campus
  • Crisis Management
  • Group Management
  • Insurance
  • Special Needs Students (may have a separate meeting)
  • General student needs/information
  • Other Questions or Concerns

Download Travel Course Accounting handbook

Third Meeting (“Wrap-Up”)

After your return from abroad you will meet one final time with the Office of International Education to wrap up your course. This meeting will take place after you submit any receipts and have signed a Travel Expense Report (TER). Topics for this meeting include:

  • Debrief of program
  • Accounting/budget wrap-up
  • Student Evaluations
  • Feedback for future programs