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Maintenance and Outages


System Status

All systems operational

Everything is up and running. If you're having issues with a service or system, please contact us at or 920-465-2309.

Service outages or updates are necessary throughout the year to ensure security, upgrade systems and hardware, and to improve performance. IT makes every effort to communicate outages or updates to the university as necessary.

We strive to keep IT resources available to the university community on a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year basis as much as possible. To help, we schedule maintenance of major systems and network infrastructure during non-peak hours.

Unplanned Outages

Although we do everything we can to ensure systems and resources are available, there can be unfortunate instances where unplanned outages disrupt delivery of services. This could be due to an unforeseen event, urgent repair to prevent failure, or an information security incident. These unplanned service outages are given priority. Our team will communicate an unplanned outage/update when expected to last more than 20 minutes. Off-hours service failures will be communicated the following business day.

The system status listed at the top of this page provides up-to-date information on any current outages. Our KnowledgeBase News also contains information on previous outages, along with other informational messages and announcements.

Planned Outages

We perform scheduled maintenance on all of our major systems and network infrastructure to ensure our technology stays up-to-date and secure. This can sometimes cause temporary outages, so we work to minimize the impact by scheduling during low usage periods when possible. Communication will be provided to the appropriate audience, as needed, prior to the outage/update.

No outages currently planned.

Maintenance Windows

A maintenance window is a defined time period during which planned outages, updates, and changes to services and systems may occur. The purpose of defining standard maintenance windows is to allow clients of the service to prepare for possible disruption or changes. Under cases of emergency, IT might be required to run patches and updates on computers as required by IT Policy.

IT plans system upgrades and updates outside of normal class schedules when possible. IT attempts to setup office computers and upgrades at a schedule that best suits our faculty and staff. We make every effort to be flexible when possible but when we are under a project deadline or we receive no response we will proceed.
Standard IT maintenance window is:

  • Weekdays 3:00 am – 7:00 am
  • Weekends as necessary, and hours announced prior when possible.

Reporting Disrupted Service

If our site doesn't reflect the service or system disruption you've encountered, please contact us at or 920-465-2309.

For life-threatening or emergency situations, please call 911. Criminal or other suspicious activity can be reported to the UW-Green Bay Public Safety office at 920-465-2300.