Directions & Location

Where to Park - Green Bay Location

  • Enter campus at Main Entrance Drive, which is the 2nd entrance off Nicolet Drive
  • There is very limited 15-minute parking at the Circle Entrance, which is right in front of the Library.
  • The closest parking is in the Weidner Center lots. Follow Theatre Drive past the Circle Entrance to the lot on the north and west sides of the Weidner Center.
  • Visitors can park on campus for free up to five days per semester. If you have exceeded this, use the ParkMobile app to pay for parking.

Where to Enter the Library - Green Bay Location

  • At the Circle Entrance (street level), you have the option to walk up the slight hill to the Plaza Entrance of the Library (2nd floor), or walk down the slight hill into the Circle Entrance at the concourse level (1st floor).
  • From the plaza level (2nd floor), the entrance to the Library will be on your right as you enter the building.
  • From the concourse level (1st floor), walk straight down the wood-paneled hallway and follow the brown tiles in the floor to the elevators (down a short hallway on the right). Take elevator #3 to the 2nd floor Library Plaza entrance. To access 3rd-6th floors, switch to elevator #1 or #2.
  • If you prefer the stairs, walk past the elevator hallway to the sign that says Library Entrance. At the top of the stairs, you will be facing the Library entrance. You may access 3rd-8th floors via the stairs.

Accessing the Archives and Area Research Center- Green Bay Location

The Archives and Area Research Center is located on the 7th floor of the Library in room 705. Please take elevator #3 (the one farthest from the window) on the 1st floor (concourse level) or 2nd floor (plaza level) to reach the 7th floor, and the Archives department is right past the lobby.