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Campus Marquee

UW-Green Bay Main Entrance sign digital marquee board

Marquee Request Form

Use the Marquee Request Form to submit messages for placement on the UW-Green Bay campus exterior signs. Message approval is subject to the Marquee Guidelines below.


Marquee Guidelines

The following guidelines govern the operation of the digital boards on three exterior UW-Green Bay signs at the following locations:
  1. Main Entrance Drive and Nicolet Drive
  2. Leon Bond Drive and Bay Settlement Road
  3. WI-57 westbound

All messages may be edited for length, content and University style.

Camps map with digital marquee signs marked


Main & Bay Settlement Entrance signs target local traffic to:
  • Advertise major institutional events and public services to local traffic
  • Inform of institutional closures for legal holidays or planned campus road closures­­­
  • Welcome campus visitors for major events
Highway WI-57 sign will be treated as a small billboard to target regional traffic to:
  • Advertise campaign messages
  • Advertise major institutional events
Major institutional events are defined by
  • Broad appeal to the general public
  • 150+ expected attendance
  • Cross-campus involvement
  • University sponsored
Public Services
University-owned Auxiliaries
  • Kress Events Center
  • Weidner Center


Marketing and University Communication (M/UC) is responsible for strategic oversight and content management of information on each of the campus exterior sign marquees. M/UC reviews and approves or denies all message placement requests.
  • Only UW-Green Bay entities may request message placement
  • Submissions must be made at least two weeks prior to the desired placement date
  • If design services are needed, an additional two weeks are required
  • Maximum run-time is two weeks (unless otherwise determined by M/UC)
  • M/UC has the authority to edit content for viewing speed/distance restrictions
  • Institutional priority events and messages may override programed messages at the discretion of M/UC

Content Guidelines

Priority will be given to:
  • University-wide interests or concerns
  • Messages that engage target recruitment audiences
  • UW-Green Bay auxiliaries that rely on local public patronage or participation
To be considered for posting, submissions must meet the following criteria:
  • Be related to goods, services and events available on our physical location
  • Be in compliance with the University’s strategic messaging and goals
  • Be of broad interest to the University and external community
  • Be campus-sponsored rather than campus-hosted
  • Must not endorse a political issue or candidate
  • Must not advertise commercial activities conducted off premises
  • Must not advertise non-UW-Green Bay commercial or for-profit messages


Acceptable Messages

  • Large public events, featured performances (Major productions, marquee concerts)
  • Featured athletic events (Krash the Kress, Soctoberfest)
  • Recruitment events
  • Summer camps
  • Welcome messages

Unacceptable Messages

  • Events not open to the general public
  • Events that do not appeal to a wide University community audience
  • Messages from organizations that are not affiliated with UW-Green Bay
  • Any off-campus revenue-generating activity
  • Any event that promotes illegal activities or violates any University, state or federal laws and policies
  • Promotion of alcohol, tobacco, political, racist, sexist, bigoted, false, misleading or deceptive viewpoints


Message Parameters

  • No compound messaging – one idea per message
  • Simple imagery (single subject matter, high contrast, large fields of color, etc.)
  • No Institutional logo – Logo is already present on permanent signage
  • All imagery must have proper usage permissions and licensing
  Entrance Signs Highway Sign
Dimensions (pixels) 210 x 120 300 x 180
Minimum font size 12 pixels (at 100%) 12 pixels (at 100%)
Text 1-5 words 1-5 words
Color Space RGB
File format jpg, bmp, gif

Message Visibility

The following table shows WDOT traffic count data near the signs (interactive map). Traffic counts are reported as the number of vehicles expected to pass a given location on an average day of the year. The sign provider estimates a 3- to 4-second viewing window for the height and speed of the signs. State regulation has a 6-second minimum rotation time for roadside digital messages.

Sign Annual Average Daily Traffic Recording Date
WI-57 31,600 7/30/2018
Nicolet Drive 6,400 8/7/2018
Bay Settlement 3,200 6/12/2018

Interior Digital Signage

Interior digital boards are managed by the University Union. For interior digital signage procedures see the University Union Marketing and Promotions' Digital Signage page.