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Individualized Area of Emphasis

Students have the option to identify and develop an Individualized Area of Emphasis (IAE) which allows them to gain depth of knowledge and skills in a self-selected area of Social Work practice, including but not limited to: healthcare, social policy, older adults, domestic violence, corrections, behavioral health, etc.  This emphasis is accomplished through coursework, electives, and specialized field placements.

Individualized Area of Emphasis Requirements

Students self-select and identify elective credits and field practicum related to their area.
Core Courses

Complete all:

  • SOC WORK 720: Diversity, Social Justice, and Advocacy
  • SOC WORK 721: Multi-Level Family Systems
  • SOC WORK 728: Advanced Policy: Leadership, Advocacy and Practice
  • SOC WORK 731: Research for MSW Practice

Complete six credits of electives related to IAE. See graduate catalog for full listing.

Students may alternately develop an independent study related to IAE or consider a graduate-level elective from another discipline that meets IAE interests

Graduate Catalog
Field Practicum

Two days per week in two consecutive semesters: Setting related to IAE

  • SOC WORK 716: Field III
  • SOC WORK 717: Seminar III
  • SOC WORK 718: Field IV
  • SOC WORK 719: Capstone Seminar
Pa Kou Yang, MSW graduate

Flexible & Supportive

“As a graduate student working multiple jobs with a personal life to maintain, I needed a program that was going to be supportive, while providing me the knowledge and experiences I needed to excel. I found the program at UW-Green Bay entailed all of this.”

Pa Kou Yang
MSW Graduate, 2021