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Hints for MSW Applications

No two Social Work Graduate Programs are alike, and neither are MSW candidates. You might have earned a bachelor's degree in social work, or your non-BSW degree may have lead you to a professional path in social work, and now you're ready to advance. We want to support you as you learn how our MSW program is unique and to ensure it's the right fit for you.


MSW Advising Meeting

Relationship-building is a focus of the UW-Green Bay Master of Social Work Program. The relationship begins with the application process and extends through graduation. As such, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with MSW program staff before you apply. The goal of this conversation is to help you understand how our MSW program is unique and to ensure it's the right fit for you. We cover the application process, requirements and the importance of the MSW Questionnaire.

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Helpful Resources

The following resources offer general information about applying to any MSW program. We encourage you to review this information, particularly if you are unable to attend an advising meeting.

UWGB MSW graduate, Michelle Rieckmann

Motivated by Inequality

“Growing up with a sister with disabilities opened my eyes to the inequalities and limitations our society has placed for individuals with differences. This has always been a frustration, but also a motivation for me...When I was accepted into the MSW program at UWGB, I was eager to learn of the various opportunities social work had to offer! This field was a bit unfamiliar to me, but the flexibility and opportunities were endless. After just a few classes, I knew I had truly found my passion.”

Michelle Rieckmann, APSW 
Director of Clinical Services 
Advocates for Healthy Transitional Living
De Pere, WI

Gail Trimberger, MSW Chair

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We're here to answer your questions. For more information on UW-Green Bay's Master of Social Work program, how to get started, or any other needs, please contact us.

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