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Clinical Mental Health Emphasis

Clinical Mental Health is one of the emphases students may choose to focus their area of specialized practice. This emphasis prepares students with the knowledge and skills needed for an advanced career in mental or behavioral health. This emphasis is accomplished through coursework, electives, and a specialized field placement.

Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW)

Students interested in practicing psychotherapy in Wisconsin must complete specific academic and practice requirements to be eligible for the necessary additional licenses. These requirements are summarized below. Social workers who wish to practice clinical social work, marriage and family therapy, or professional counseling in Wisconsin must obtain the Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) credential. Students must complete a minimum of three clinical courses (minimum total of 8-9 credits); per Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) requirements, one of these must be a psychopathology course.

UWGB MSW graduate, Kinsey Pierre

Mental Health Therapist

“After working in the human services field for several years, I felt that while I was making an impact, I could make much more of an impact with a higher degree. I pursued my MSW so that I could become a mental health therapist, which would allow me to greatly impact the functioning, health, and wellness of individuals and families.”

Kinsey Pierre, MSW, LCSW 
Clinical Supervisor
Us 2 Behavioral Health Care, Appleton, WI

Advocates Wanted

Clinical Mental Health Emphasis Requirements

Requirements are established by Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Standards (DSPS)
Core Courses

Complete all:

  • SOC WORK 720: Diversity, Social Justice, and Advocacy
  • SOC WORK 721: Multi-Level Family Systems*
  • SOC WORK 728: Advanced Policy: Leadership, Advocacy and Practice
  • SOC WORK 731: Research for MSW Practice
*SOC WORK 721 from the Core Curriculum satisfies the state requirements for the remaining clinical course


  • SOC WORK 727: Psychopathology; or
  • SOC WORK 767: Assessing Mental Heath and Substance Use

AND three additional elective credits such as:

  • SOC WORK 737: Crisis Intervention
  • SOC WORK 747: Clinical Theories for Mental Health Practice
  • SOC WORK 749: Contemporary Approaches to Social Work Practice
  • SOC WORK 542: Psychopharmacology
  • SOC WORK 683: Contemporary Interventions
MSW Requirements
Field Practicum

Two days per week in two consecutive semesters: Clinical Setting Preferred

  • SOC WORK 716: Field III
  • SOC WORK 717: Seminar III
  • SOC WORK 718: Field IV
  • SOC WORK 719: Capstone Seminar
Sheng Lee Yang

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