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NERR Site Coordination Committee

Primary tasks for the NERR Site Selection Committees include: building state-wide and regional support for the Green Bay NERR; developing and implementing a public outreach and engagement plan for the Site Selection and Nomination process; establishing crtieria for selecting sites for the reserve; delineating the boundaries of the reserves; preparing a Site Nomination Document for submission to the Governor's Office once a site has been selected. The work of the site selection process will be distributed among three work groups: a Site Coordination Committee, Site Development Committee, and Site Evaluation Committee.

Tall wetland grass
Members of the NERR Site Coordination Committee:
  • Dr. Matt Dornbush, Dean, Cofrin School of Business, UW-Green Bay (Committee Chair)
  • Dr. John Katers, Dean, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology, UW-Green Bay
  • Janet Bonkowski, Executive Director, Marketing and University Communication, UW-Green Bay
  • Tehassi Hill, Chairman, Oneida Nation
  • Dr. Val Klump, Dean, School of Freshwater Sciences, UW-Milwaukee
  • Mike Friis, Program Manager, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
  • Dr. Jim Hurley, Director, Wisconsin Sea Grant
  • Dr. Patrick Robinson, Associate Dean of Agriculture & Natural Resources, UW-Extension
  • Rebecca Fedak, Lake Michigan Basin Supervisor, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Office of Great Waters
  • Michelle Schuler, Manager, Microsoft TechSpark Wisconsin
  • Doug Cox, Vice-Chair and Director of Land Management, Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin
Ex officio:
  • Susan Grant Robinson, Chief of Staff, UW-Green Bay
  • Emily Tyner, Director of Freshwater Strategy, UW-Green Bay
Past members:
  • Ben Joniaux, Chief of Staff, UW-Green Bay
  • Steve Galarneau, Director, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Office of Great Waters