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NERR Site Development Committee

The primary work of the NERR Site Development Committee is the development of ;site selection criteria to conduct a preliminary site screening. The Committee will conduct a general review of the Relevant Coastal Geography for candidate locations and identify regionally unique ecological, cultural, or educational assets that may warrant inclusion in site selection criteria. In coordination with NOAA and guidance from the Site Coordination Committee, the Site Development Committee will draft and propose the Green Bay NERR Site Selection Criteria. Members were selected to represent sectors of the NERR system - research, education, stewardship, and training.

Members of the NERR Site Development Committee
  • Chair: Dr. Kevin Fermanich, Professor and Extension Specialist, UW-Green Bay (Stewardship)
  • Brian Glenzinski, Regional Biologist, Ducks Unlimited (Research/Stewardship)
  • Nicole Rommel, Director, Division of Land Management, Environmental, and Agriculture, Oneida Nation (Research)
  • Betsy Galbraith, Fox River/Green Bay Natural Resource Trustee Council Coordinator, US Fish & Wildlife Service (Stewardship)
  • Vicky Harris, retired Wisconsin Sea Grant (Education)
  • Stephanie Cole, Graduate Student in Environmental Science & Policy, UW-Green Bay (Education)
  • Brie Kupsky, Coordinator Lower Green Bay/Fox River Area of Concern, DNR (Research)
  • Mary Kohrell, Community Economic Development Director, Department of Administration; Northeast Wisconsin Regional Economic Partnership (Training)

Past members

  • Patrick Pelky, Director, Division of Land Management, Environmental, and Agriculture, Oneida Nation

Ex officio
  • Emily Tyner, Director of Freshwater Strategy, UW-Green Bay (coordination and communication support)