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Active Account Administration

Items Sent to the PI

  • Regent Actions Notices (initial award & additional funds awarded).
  • Non-Regent Action Notices distributed by the Controller’s Office (extensions, re-budgeting, revised scope of work, etc.)
  • Professional Activity Reports (PAR) distributed by Controller's Office (time & effort certification affirming salaries charged directly to a sponsored project or provided as in-kind match, reflect the actual work performed).
  • Financial Reports/Invoices submitted by the Controller's Office to a sponsor.

Items Initiated by the PI

Personnel Services:

  • Personnel Action (PA) forms for PI, faculty, academic staff, LTEs
  • New Student Payroll Requests for students or work study students
  • Approval of hourly employee timesheets
  • Payment to Individual Report Forms
  • Approval of Professional Activities Report (PAR)

Other Direct Services:

  • All travel (Forms, Processing, Airfare, Lodging and Meal policies)
  • Payment to Individual (PIR) forms to pay research subjects
  • Creation of purchase orders
  • Creation of sub-contracts (thru OGR)

Programmatic Reports:

  • Based upon award terms & conditions, submitted to sponsoring agency and to Controller’s Office

Budget Modifications:

Human Subjects Participation:

  • If human subjects are involved in research that continues beyond one year, to continue conducting human subjects related research the PI must resubmit an application to our Institutional Review Board (IRB) for their review and approval.