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How is an award different than a proposal?

A proposal is submitted to request funding from a sponsor. The term proposal is used simultaneously whether or not the funding to UWGB is received in the form of a grant, contract, cooperative agreement, etc. An award is the mechanism used by the sponsor to provide funding of a proposal. An award can be in the form of a grant, contract, cooperative agreement, etc.

How long will it take for my account to be set up?

If an ETF has been submitted thru the OGR, the OGR will forward the award letter and revised budget, if necessary, to the Controller's Office and the account will be set up within 5 business days. If you want to set up an anticipation account to facilitate the process, contact the Controller's Office.

If I receive an award, where should it be sent?

The award should be sent to the Office of Grants and Research.

How are awards handled that need a signature of acceptance?

Once an award that needs a signature of acceptance is received by the OGR it is reviewed for the terms and conditions associated with the award. A revised budget may be requested in the process, if the awarded budget is different from that originally proposed. Once the award is signed, it is returned to the sponsor. A copy of the award and budget is sent to the Controller's Office for account set up.

How will I know when my account has been set up?

The Controller's Office will send an electronic "internal" notice of award (NOA) to PI, requesting a post-award meeting be scheduled.

How do I find a CFDA number?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number can be found by reviewing the program announcement. Have a question? Contact our office at

How do I close out an award?

Generally, 30 to 90 days after a project period has ended the PI must submit a final progress report to the sponsor before an award can be closed out. Sponsors might also require an additional form, report, final invention statement, or final financial status report to officially close out an award. Review the terms & conditions of your award for specific close out procedures.

Can I purchase...?

Most frequently asked questions in regards to budget issues are those related to purchases. Only those purchases outlined in the project budget that are reasonable and allowable by both the funding agency and university policy are reimbursable. Obviously these purchase types vary from sponsor to sponsor and from project to project.