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Sign Language Interpreting & Caption Media

Sign Language Interpreting & Caption Media

Student Accessibility Services (SAS) provides sign language interpreting (SLI) services to qualified students by hiring, scheduling and coordinating qualified interpreters to interpret for all scheduled classes and academically related events (i.e. field trips, meeting with professors, in-class exams, etc.). The SAS will service as a resource for other campus organizations and groups regarding sign language interpreting services and will maintain a list of qualified sign language interpreters.

All students requesting SLI services are strongly encouraged to request services right after registering for their courses.  Minimally, the SAS requests notice 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the term to be able to secure interpreters (local/regional and/or remote). Students are responsible for letting the SAS office know if there are any changes to their schedule.  

New Students

Students who are requesting sign language interpreting services for their in-person courses must complete the application process. For more information on how to apply click on the Applying for Academic Accommodations tab on the left.

Returning Students

Since students have priority registration to help the SAS office secure interpreters, students should login to GB ACCESS to request their accommodations right after they register. Students are responsible for letting the SAS office know if there are any changes to their schedule.

Request Interpreting Services Outside of a Class Schedule

To request an interpreter for an activity outside of the class schedule, a student should give a 72-hour notice so there is time to secure a qualified interpreter. For academic related events, student should login to GB ACCESS to submit a custom request. For more information on how to do this click the link for a step-by-step guide Requesting Interpreter for Non-Class Events.
For other campus activities (student organizations, programs and activities), please contact the organization identified on the program/flyer.
Students who utilize sign language interpreting services must abide by the following:
  • Students must notify the SAS if any changes in schedule (dropping or adding a class).
  • Student should notify the SAS if class is canceled or if the student will not be attending class.
  • If the student is not in the class, the interpreter will wait 20 minutes and then leave.
  • If the interpreter is not in class, please contact the SAS office. If there is a situation where the interpreter is unable to attend class, the student will be notified and can determine if the student will stay in the class or leave.
  • If the student does not notify the SAS of absences, interpreting services can be cancelled. To reestablish services, the student will need to meet with the director of SAS.

Caption Media

This accommodation may be provided to students who have a documented need for this service in order to have full access to information presented in classes and at university-sponsored co-curricular presentations and events. The provision of the service is a shared responsibility between the student (who must make their needs known), the faculty/staff member displaying the content  (who must review media and request captioning as needed), and the university media/technical staff (who can facilitate the actual video/media captioning).

UW-Green Bay students who request captioned video/media must be registered with the SAS office. Thus, a determination is made that the accommodation is appropriate and needed. The SAS office will work with faculty and technical staff to assure, within reason, that the media shown in the classroom will be captioned. Sufficient advance notice must be given to assure timely provision of this service.

Student Responsibility

  • Register with the SAS office through GB ACCESS
  • Provide a copy of the semester class schedule at least six (6) weeks prior to the start of the semester.
  • Provide timely requests as far in advance as possible for other events where captioning may be required.

Student Accessibility Services Responsibility

  • Notify faculty of the need for captioning videos/media in their course.
  • Notify Media Services Office ensure the classrooms are equipped to display the captioning from the videos.

Faculty Responsibility

  • Review the video content displayed in their course to determine if the video material (VHS, DVD, Blu-ray) are captioned. Video content taken from the internet (YouTube, for example) is not always captioned and the insertion of captions may not be possible.
  • If the media is not captioned, faculty must provide the material(s) that need to be captioned two weeks in advance to The Center for Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL). CATL will work with an approved vendor to make the material accessible.