Monitor Work Study Awards

Students and supervisors are responsible for monitoring Federal Work Study (FWS) award balances. Federal funds pay 75% of FWS earnings and employers are responsible for the remaining 25% (except for America Reads and America Counts tutoring positions eligible for 100% federal funding). A department may continue employment after the award is exhausted; however, the employer will be responsible for paying 100% of wages.

Calculate Hours

Use the following calculations to determine the number of hours a student may be employed through the FWS program:

FWS Balance ÷ Hourly wage = Total number of hours
Total hours ÷​ Number of Earning Weeks = Number of hours per week

For example, a student with a $2000 award earning $9.00 per hour during the 28-week academic year could work approximately eight hours per week (2000 ÷ 9 ÷ 28 = 7.94).

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Multiple Jobs

Hourly wages for all positions processed through UW-Green Bay payroll automatically draw from available FWS funds. There is no way to evenly split the funding between multiple positions. Therefore, if a student holds multiple positions, the department that offers more hours or pays a higher wage will likely use a larger share of the FWS award.

It is possible to deactivate FWS funding for a specific position. If a student holds multiple qualified jobs and one requires FWS, they may wish to speak to the other supervisors about foregoing use of funds. Supervisors who would like to deactivate FWS for a position may contact the Student Employment Office (920-465-2556 or to make the request. All changes will be implemented on the following payroll cycle.

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Balance Reports

The Student Employment Office emails FWS balance reports to awardees near each pay date. Reports reflect the total FWS award amount, FWS earnings and remaining FWS balance as of the most recent pay period end date. Late timesheet submission or approval may impact the accuracy of the report. Students may forward reports to current employers or prospective supervisors.

The amount of an FWS award may change due to the receipt of scholarships, grants, or other financial aid. Students should report outside aid so any adjustments can be made in advance of the Fall semester. The most up-to-date information about a student's financial aid package, including FWS, will always be available in the Student Information System (SIS)

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