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Record Hours & Get Paid

Student employees are paid biweekly and report their time worked online through MyUW.Supervisors have helpful resources on how to edit, review and approve timesheets at the Manager Self Service Dashboard, and must review and approve timesheets by the Tuesday following each pay period, to ensure timely payment.

  • Webclock: used by employees who are able to punch "in" and "out" each work day.
  • Timesheet: used when students aren't able to immediately enter their time in HRS. This entry allows students to login during the bi-weekly pay period and enter their "in" and "out" times for any given day during the pay period.

Paid time is automatically rounded to the nearest 15 minute interval:

Punch Time in MinutesHRS Rounded Time- Hundredths
00 - 7.50
7.5 - 22.50.25
22.5 - 37.50.5
37.5 - 52.50.75
52.5 - 601

Reporting Instructions

Payroll Schedule & Work Hours

The payroll schedule provides information on pay period date ranges, the dates in which timesheets must be submitted in order to be processed, and dates in which payment will be received. Time worked must be entered in each pay period prior to the deadline to ensure timely payment. Payments are directly deposited into the employee's checking or savings account, as entered in their MyUW. All earnings are subject to payroll taxes and deductions. Current students with sufficient enrollment may be exempt from Social Security or Medicare withholding.

MyUW also houses Earnings Statements and Tax Statements, including an electronic copy of the annual W-2 form.  Employees can update their home address in MyUW as needed.  Please note changes in MyUW only impact payroll/employment information and will NOT update the Student Information System (SIS). Access to MyUW ends when employment ends, so if past earnings or tax statements are needed, please contact Human Resources.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

To be in compliance with the Affordable Care Act and state legislation, student employees can work a maximum of 25 hours per week during the academic year and may work up to a maximum of 40 hours per week during designated break periods. Students are responsible for monitoring their total hours worked in all their on-campus jobs to stay below the hours limit, and hours limits for each week are posted on the payroll schedule. Please see the following resources for additional information pertaining to student hours and ACA requirements:

Rest & Break Periods

While working an entire day (8 hours), students may be allowed a 15-minute paid rest period after working four hours or a 30-minute unpaid meal break.

Student Employment Support

The student employment experience is a team effort from multiple offices here at UW-Green Bay.

Financial Aid

Our financial aid office helps you understand the types of aid available to help fund your education.

Contact Financial Aid

Human Resources

Our human resources office helps with the hiring process, payroll schedules, eligibility and more.

Contact Human Resources

Career Planning

Our career planning office helps you prepare for your job search and find student job opportunities.

Contact Career Planning