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Hiring Process

Congratulations on your new position at UW-Green Bay! We hope you enjoy your new job, and benefit from the work experience! After you successfully complete the interview process and accept a job offer for a position working on campus, here is what you can expect for next steps.

  1. Complete the I-9 Form: The I-9 form is a federally required document for employment, and you should receive an email from HireRight Customer Support (check your SPAM/JUNK folder if you don’t see the email in your inbox) at your UW-Green Bay email address.
    1. Follow the instructions in the email from HireRight to complete your portion of the I-9 form online. You cannot start working until section 1 of your I-9 form is complete on the HireRight website.
    2. Gather the acceptable documents to establish identity and employment authorization to complete the I-9 form. You need one document from LIST A, OR one document from LIST B AND one document from LIST C. Original documents (not a photocopy or image) are required to be presented to a designated campus contact within three days of your start date.
    3. Review the list of designated campus contacts to identify who in your department can view your documents and complete the employer section of the I-9 form. If your department is not listed, bring your documents to the Human Resources Office (Cofrin Library, 7th floor, room 710).
  2. Authorize your background check (if necessary): If your new job duties require a background check, you will receive a second email from HireRight Customer Support at your UW-Green Bay email address. Follow the steps in the email to authorize your background check on the HireRight website. Your background check results must come back successfully before you can begin working.
  3. Enter your payroll information: On your start date, enter your payroll information into MyUW to ensure your pay is processed accurately and timely. See the following tipsheets and videos for instructions:
    1. Direct Deposit: tipsheet and video
    2. W-4 Payroll Tax: tipsheet and video
    3. Personal Information

Please keep in contact with your new supervisor about your start date and any questions you have about your new position.

Student Employment support

The student employment experience is a team effort from multiple offices here at UW-Green Bay.

Financial Aid

Our financial aid office helps you understand the types of aid available to help fund your education.

Contact Financial Aid

Human Resources

Our human resources office helps with the hiring process, payroll schedules, eligibility and more.

Contact Human Resources

Career Services

Our career services office helps you prepare for your job search and find student job opportunities.

Contact Career Services