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Grading System

How does the grading system work?

Grade point averages (GPA) are used to measure the quality of academic work and are computed on a 4.0 scale. The chart below lists letter grades and their correspondence to grade point. Since grading standards differ among colleges, grades received from other colleges are not used in calculating GPA. Transfer grades may be used to determine eligibility for admission to certain programs.

Letter GradeTextGrade Points per Credit
ABVery Good3.5
BCAbove Average2.5
CDBelow Average1.5
WFUnofficial Withdrawal0.0
P(a "C" grade or better for undergraduate courses)No Effect
NC(No credit, the letter grade of less than a "C")No Effect
UUnsatisfactory AuditNo Effect
SSatisfactory AuditNo Effect
NNo Acceptable report for instructor-temporary gradeNo Effect until acceptable grade submitted
IIncomplete, temporary gradeNo Effect until removed
DRDropped CourseNo Effect
WWithdrewNo Effect
(^) examples (A) or (F)(^) grades that were academically forgiven. Successful grades will still meet course requirements, credits towards total to graduate but are not calculated into the overall cumulative GPA, nor is honors granted using these prior credits earned.No Effect

How do I calculate my GPA?

Your cumulative grade point average includes all the terms you complete at UW-Green Bay. It is calculated by dividing the total grade points by the total credits earned. If you get an F, the 0.0 grade is also included in grade point calculations unless you successfully repeat the course. Use the GPA calculator to calculate your grade point average.

GPA Calculator

What is my class standing?

Class standing is determined by the number of earned credits a student has completed. Class levels are defined as:

Class StandingEarned Credits
Freshman23 or fewer earned credits
Sophomore24 to 53 earned credits
Junior54 to 83 earned credits
Senior84 or more earned credits
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