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A withdrawal occurs after the start of the semester, and it means you are dropping all of your classes and leaving UW-Green Bay for the current term. Before you withdraw, make sure you understand the ramifications and your financial responsibility.

Fall & Spring Semester Withdrawals

The information below is for 14-week semesters only. If you need information about withdrawing from Summer session or from non-standard sessions call us at 920-465-2111. Find withdrawal deadlines in the Registration Calendar.

Week 1

  • 100% refund of tuition paid.
  • $50 withdrawal fee.
  • Dropped classes are not reflected on your transcript.

Week 2

  • 100% refund of tuition paid.
  • $100 withdrawal fee.
  • Dropped classes are not reflected on your transcript.

Week 3-4

  • 50% refund of tuition paid.
  • You are responsible to pay tuition due.
  • Dropped classes are recorded with a "W" on your transcript and date of withdrawal, which has no academic impact.

Week 5

  • 0% refund of tuition paid
  • You are responsible to pay tuition due.
  • Dropped classes are recorded with a "W" on your transcript and date of withdrawal, which has no academic impact.

Tuition Refunds

If you are eligible for a tuition refund, it will be available in the original format paid within 2-3 weeks. For details, see Student Billing Refunds.

If You Have Financial Aid

  1. Some or all of the financial aid you received this term may be owed back to the Department of Education. This is due to the return of Title IV funds received for the time period which you were enrolled and how much financial aid may be kept and how much must be returned. The amount is determined in part by how much of the semester has already been completed. Monitor SIS for any changes. See the Financial Aid Policy on Withdrawals.
  2. If you withdraw, you might not meet Standards of Academic Progress (SAP), and might become ineligible for aid. View SAP requirements.
  3. Exit counseling instructions for Perkins or Federal Direct Loans will be sent to you via mail/email, but can be completed online at Even if you are attending elsewhere, you’re still exiting UW-Green Bay. See Financial Aid Withdrawing.
  4. If you are not enrolling half-time elsewhere, repayment begins 9 months after last date of attendance for Perkins Loans, and 6 months after last date of attendance for Federal Direct Loans.
  5. Financial aid does not transfer. If you wish to be awarded financial aid at another college, you must add that college’s school code to your FAFSA.

Housing Withdrawal

If you have an on-campus housing, you must speak directly with housing or call 920-465-2040 to ensure proper check out.

Pass Points, Dining, Parking or Books

  1. Pass Points Refund: You will receive a refund within 2-4 weeks by submitting the Pass Points Refund Request form. Contact the University Ticketing and Information Center (UTIC) for questions at 920-465-2400. There is a $25 administrative fee. For details, see Dining Points & Pass Points.
  2. Dining Refunds: If you lived in the residence halls, UTIC will automatically pro-rate your refund, if eligible, within 2-4 weeks. Commuters and students living in the apartments need to contact University ID Services at 920-465-2400.
  3. Parking Permit Refund: Contact the Student Billing Office for questions at 920-465-2224.
  4. Books Refund: Stop by or call the Phoenix Bookstore at 920-391-6600 for return policy questions.
  5. Miscellaneous Items: If you have items that belong to UW-Green Bay (clickers, library books or other materials) return them to the appropriate offices.

Transferring to Another University

If you are transferring to another University, that college’s Admissions and Financial Aid offices will want to know what classes were attempted and completed at UW-Green Bay. You can request an official transcript through your SIS account or the Registrar’s webpage. When ordering a transcript, you can order right away, or select hold for final grades.

If you wish to take classes the immediate semester after you withdraw, you will not be required to re-apply. Beyond this timeframe you will need to re-apply for admission.

Ready to Withdraw

You can withdraw from the University by dropping all courses via SIS or contacting the Registrar’s office through the drop deadline—for dates, see the Registration Calendar. After the drop deadline, you must email the Registrar’s office ( to withdraw as you are unable to do so on your own. This option is available through the withdrawal deadline date. A "W" (Withdrawal) grade will be recorded for your courses and a withdrawal date is annotated on your transcript. This will not effect your GPA. During this time frame, you need to review the Student Billing fee schedule for refund and payment information. Academic and financial deadlines do not coincide. Please Note: Summer and Winter terms have shorter refund periods.

After the Withdrawal Deadlines

After the withdraw deadline, you must submit a Petition for Late Withdrawal and request permission to withdraw from UW-Green Bay (drop all classes). These are reviewed by the Enrollment Review Committee (ERC) and generally granted for documented mental or physical health problems, military circumstances, or death of an immediate family member. The ERC notifies you via your campus email if your request is approved or denied. During the review process, you remain responsible for 100% of tuition.

Options Other than Withdrawing

If you are unable to withdraw because the deadline has passed or you have been denied a late withdrawal, you may consider retaking the course in a different term. For details on repeating a course, check out the UW-Green Bay Repeat Policy. In some cases, an incomplete grade may be arranged if your professor permits. See the Incomplete Grades Policy.

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