Art History

A series of lecture/discussion courses provides a broad context for examining the artistic production of various peoples. All the classes consider artifacts against their cultural background. Many of the courses also examine the nature of art history itself: how value judgments are made, by whom, and how they change over time. Lower level courses variously survey western (Euro-American) art from prehistory to the present day, with some consideration of non-western societies. Upper level courses offer closer examinations of non-western art, modern cultural production in the popular realm, and contemporary art.

Art History Courses

  • ART 102. History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval (Fall)
  • ART 103. History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern (Spring)
  • ART 202. Modern Art (Spring)
  • ART 203. Contemporary Art (Fall)
  • ART 376. Modern American Culture (Fall Even)
  • ART 379. Women, Art and Image (Spring Odd)
  • ART 380. History of Photography (Fall Odd)
  • ART 381. Art of the First Nations (Fall Odd)
  • ART 382. Pre-Columbian Art of Mesoamerica (Spring Even)
  • ART 383. African Art (Fall Even)
  • ART 384. Asian Art (Spring Odd)
  • ART 481. Advanced Topics in Art History (Fall)

For more information please contact Dr. Sam Watson or the Art Advisor, Minkyu Lee.