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Art Studio Areas

Find Your Happy Medium

Know your area of interest, or still exploring?

We’ve got the resources you need to hone your artistic talents, from well-equipped studios in painting to furniture design to photography. All art students who complete ART 101 (Tools, Safety and Materials) have access to a professional wood and metal-working laboratory, all with ongoing training and technical assistance so you can feel comfortable and empowered to create.

Student works on painting

Foundations/Design Core Courses

As an art major or minor, you'll be required to take foundation and design core courses as professional artists and designers rely on the techniques you'll learn. Try to take them in your first two years, as they provide general information in art practices to help you complete upper-level coursework. In these courses, you’ll develop knowledge in safety, vocabulary, design principles, composition, construction, color theory and more. The courses are:

  • Art 101 - Tools, Safety & Materials
  • Art 105 - Introductory Drawing
  • Art 106 - Three Dimensional Design
  • Art 107- Two Dimensional Design
Two students set up space for photo shoot

Studio Areas

Choose your specialty or experiment with a few mediums to figure out your focus.

Andrew Linskens, Art Director of NorthCoast Productions and Fine Artist

Give it a Try!

"I didn’t feel like I had to stick to just one thing. If you didn't have experience in a particular area, you were still encouraged to give it a try."

Andrew Linskens '09
Art Director of NorthCoast Productions and Fine Artist

Need Help?

We're excited to offer such a variety of studio areas where you can learn and develop your talents. If you have questions about how to access any of our resources or what path to take to match your interests, we'd like to hear from you.

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