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Textiles & Fibers

Express Your Artistic Vision

Practice traditional techniques and then apply them to create contemporary art objects that speak beyond technical expertise. Textile and fiber art exists in literally every culture on the planet. You'll be encouraged to explore work addressing personal philosophy, intellectual concepts and individual views on greater world issues.

Student's fiber art dress is displayed in the Lawton Gallery
Student's fiber art displayed in galleryStudent work installed and on display in Lawton GalleryStudent making homemade paperStudent uses weaving loom

Textile Studio

Our equipment helps you explore fiber art techniques.

We are equipped with Kessenich multi-harness floor looms and working replica Viking warp-weighted looms for weaving fabric, a Reina Hollander beater for paper pulps, and equipment for both hot and cold dye techniques including natural dyes like indigo and modern synthetic fiber reactive dyes for both plant and animal fibers. The studio is designed for safe handling of dye chemistry and spacious enough to accommodate large projects.

Professor Alison Gates

Want to know more?

If you have any questions about how to enroll in our art program, ask Professor Alison Gates – her work at UW-Green Bay focuses on textiles.

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