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Create a Fine Line

In the drawing program, you’ll investigate traditional subject matter such as still life, landscape and the figure to develop your skills and begin experimentation of modern and contemporary approaches. Assignments encourage you to uncover cultural stereotypes, delve into issues of identity, appropriate images from multiple sources and consider drawing as it interfaces with technology. Advanced students explore and refine their own ideas, processes and use of materials in a community of artists emphasizing an awareness of the relationship of their work to contemporary drawing practices, theory and criticism.

Students draw live models in figure drawing studio
Students use drawing horse in studioStudents draws still lifeClose up of female drawingStudent practices figure drawing with live models


Drawing is where the creative process begins—regardless of medium.

There's a lot more to drawing than just a no. 2 pencil and an 8.5. X 11-inch sheet of 20 pound computer paper. Get into drawing and these are just a few of the media you'll be manipulating:

  • H4 to B6 graphite pencils
  • Conté crayon
  • Charcoal
  • Ink
  • Quality colored pencils
  • Pastels
  • Stumps & tortillions
  • Varied weight & tooth paper
  • Rubber, kneaded & vinyl eraser

Our Projects

Below are examples of our student work. You can find more student work in Senior Exhibitions and Jurried Student Art shows in the Lawton Gallery Archives  

Still life drawing, student work

Drawing of crinkled paper, student work

Drawing of bowling pin, student work

Still life drawing of coffee mug and plate, student work

by Hallie Dix

Still life drawing, student work

Drawing of folding fabric, student work

by Baleigh Harmon

Student uses charcoal to draw armadillo

Discover While you

The drawing studio isn't the only place our students work.

UW-Green Bay's Richter Museum of Natural History collections are available for artistic as well as scientific research. The natural forms make excellent subjects for drawing students.

Explore The Richter Museum

Associate Professor Lisa Wicka

We are here to help

Interested in drawing? Associate Professor Lisa Wicka is happy to discuss UW-Green Bay drawing courses, specific techniques, or suggest some great places to draw on campus.

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