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Make a Bold Stroke

You'll investigate classic subjects from art history such as still life, landscape, and the figure. Painting instruction covers acrylic, oil, encaustic, making acrylic paint from pigment dispersions, creating and using paint "skins," mural and installation projects, and learning the uses of digital technology and painting. Refine your own vision and connect with a community of your fellow student-artist in upper-level courses.

Professor observes student paintingFemale student works on large paintingStudent works on project in studioStudent works on fine details on painting
Student draws outside

Paint by Nature

Develop your craft while you enjoy the outdoors.

Students in the art discipline have the opportunity to paint, draw, photograph and create installations in the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum. Grants are available for student study and projects on the 290 acres encircling the UW-Green Bay campus that features trails moving through forests, prairies, ponds, creeks and other beautiful and thriving ecosystems.

Loschue Lo, Artist, primarily in Oil Painting

Be heard. Be Pushed.

"[UW-Green Bay] provided the best opportunity anyone in any field of study could get, which was a close, one-to-one student/professor relationship that has helped me grow as an artist. My professors took the time to get to know me, hear me, push me, and support me every step of my journey at UW-Green Bay."

Loschue Lo '21
Artist, primarily in Oil Painting

Our Projects

Below are examples of our student work. You can find more student work in Senior Exhibitions and Jurried Student Art shows in the Lawton Gallery Archives  

Adam Fulwiler senior show

by Adam Fulwiler

Adam Fulwiler senior show

by Adam Fulwiler

Painting by Dane Schumacher

by Dane Schumacher

Painting by Dane Schumacher

by Dane Schumacher

Painting by by Maura Vazquez

by Maura Vazquez

Painting by Ryan Miller

by Ryan Miller

Professor Kristy Deetz

Ready to Grab a brush?

Questions about painting techniques, the skills you'll learn in class or student opportunities? Contact Professor Kristy Deetz.

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