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Spark Your Spacial Talents

Sculpture is a three-dimensional challenge for any artist. How to present an object to be viewed from many angles? At its most basic, sculpting involves building a form by adding material on or carving pieces away to reveal your form. Four main techniques sculptors use are carving, assembling, modeling and casting. Gain problem-solving skills as you understand these processes and the possibilities of your materials. Materials can include clay, wood, metal, plaster, epoxy, resin. Start there, and the rest is up to you and your imagination.

Birds eye view of students working in sculpture studio
Female student works on projectProfessor helps student on projectStudent works on mixed media sculptureStudent installs sculpture for display

Sculpture Resources

We have brilliant spaces for your sculptural ambitions.

To help you create and build your portfolio, we have excellent technical facilities with a wide range of resources. You’ll be able to work with sound, textiles, ceramics, casting, welding and woodworking.

We'll Fill You In

If you have any questions concerning our sculpture courses, resources or what work you can create, contact Professor Minkyu Lee.

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