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Art Galleries

State of the Art

Our fine arts galleries showcase the work of local, regional and national artists.

Each of our four campuses houses a gallery, which feature a variety of art exhibits in diverse types of medium. In addition to galleries, we have art collections to help you study the concepts you learn in class. Here at UW-Green Bay, we want to encourage creative expression to challenge our conceptions and engage with the world around us.

Student artwork on display at the Lawton Gallery
Student artwork on display at the Lawton Gallery

Lawton Gallery

Our flagship gallery is located at the heart of our Green Bay campus. The Lawton Gallery invites local, regional and national artists as well as our own students and faculty to showcase their art. Gallery programming features artist talks where you can meet the artists and hear about their creative process. Wander though our art exhibits, glean insight about the human experience and get inspired to create!

Lawton Gallery

Student work on display at the Marinette Gallery

Marinette Gallery

The Marinette campus is committed to being the cultural hub of our county. We recognize that the fine arts play a crucial role in creating community and inspiring imaginations.

Marinette Gallery

Student work on display at the Sheboygan Gallery

Sheboygan Gallery

Come to the Sheboygan Fine Arts Gallery and experience curated exhibitions of both contemporary and historically important works. And, you can get the opportunity to exhibit your own work multiple times before graduation – an important start to an art career.

Sheboygan Fine Arts Gallery

Student work displayed in Manitowoc Gallery

The Founder’s Hall Art Gallery- Manitowoc

We invite artists from around the community to exhibit their work for 4-6 weeks, and each December and May, students get the chance to showcase their work from the previous semester. The Manitowoc campus also hosts Really BIGPRINTS!!, which is exactly what it sounds like – artists create a really big print. They make a design on a five-foot tall block, then the ink is transferred using a street roller.

Founder's Hall Art Gallery

Professor Sarah Detweiler

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