What you can do with this major

The following list represents a few of the kinds of career titles for Art majors:

Advertising Designer; Fashion Artist/Designer; CAD Designer; Filmmaker; Motion Picture Scenic Designer; Aerial Photographer; Calligrapher; Floral Designer; Airbrush Artist; Freelance Designer; Mural Artist; Animator; Caricaturist; Furniture Designer; Museum Artist; Antiques Dealer; Cartoonist; Gallery Owner; Newspaper Artist; Architectural Model Builder; Catalog Illustrator; Gemologist; CD Designer; Glass Blower; Ceramic Artist; Graphic Arts Technician; Photographer; Art Buyer; Graphic Designer; Photojournalist; Color Expert; Art Consultant; Art Critic; Art Dealer; Art Director; Art Historian; Art Teacher; Art Therapist; Greeting Card Artist; Costume and Mask Designer; Product Designer/Illustrator; Courtroom Sketcher; Interior Designer; Sculptor; Art Exhibition Coordinator; Internet Homepage Designer; Toy Designer; Audio Visual Artist/Designer; Book Illustrator/Designer

The following list represents a few of the kinds of businesses and institutions that employ Art majors:

Art studios; Design firms; Advertising agencies; Government & private museums/galleries; Local historical societies; Auction houses, photo agencies & studios; Department/retail stores; Public/private art schools; Adult & community programs; Libraries; Private/local arts councils; Hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers & guidance facilities; Apparel manufacturers/textile mills; Interior design departments; Newspapers/publishing houses; magazines/newspapers & trade publications; Film/motion pictures & media production companies

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