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Pre-Art Therapy

View the course and credit requirements for an Art Major with a Pre-art Therapy Emphasis below or in the UW-Green Bay Catalog.

With this intensive 69-credit emphasis, students complete coursework in preparation for admissions to graduate school Master's programs in Counseling/Art Therapy. In addition to the core psychology courses, students are also required to complete a statistics course, and a selection of lower and upper level courses in two-dimensional and three-dimensional studios a well as art history/theory courses. Students interested in this emphasis are strongly encouraged to seek advising early in their academic career.

For more information please contact the Chair of Art, Minkyu Lee.

Pre-Art Therapy
Supporting Art Courses31
Art History:
ART 102
History of the Visual Arts: Ancient to Medieval
or ART 103
History of the Visual Arts II: Renaissance to Modern
ART 202
Modern Art
ART 203
Contemporary Art
Design Core:
ART 101
Tools, Safety, and Materials
ART 105
Introductory Drawing
ART 106
Three Dimensional Design
ART 107
Two-Dimensional Design
Two-dimensional studios (choose 2 for total 6 credits):
ART 210
Introduction to Painting
ART 243
Introduction to Photography
ART 270
Introduction to Printmaking
Three-dimensional studios (choose 2 for total 6 credits):
ART 220
Introduction to Sculpture
ART 230
Introduction to Ceramics
ART 235
Introduction to Woodworking and Furniture Design
ART 250
Introduction to Fibers/Textiles
ART 260
Introduction to Jewelry/Metals
Supporting Psychology Courses:7
Introduction to Psychology
or HUM DEV 102
Introduction to Human Development
Choose one Statistics course:
Social Science Statistics
MATH 260
Introductory Statistics
Business Statistics
Upper Level Art Courses:9
ART 302
Intermediate Drawing
or ART 304
Figure Drawing
Choose two courses:
ART 376
Modern American Culture
ART 379
Women, Art and Image
ART 380
History of Photography
ART 381
Art of the First Nations
ART 382
Precolumbian Art of Mesoamerica
ART 383
African Art
ART 384
Asian Art
Upper Level Art Studio Courses:9
Complete any 9 credits from Upper-Level Studio list including one 400-level course.
ART 304
Figure Drawing
ART 402
Advanced Drawing
ART 309
Intermediate Painting: Oil Painting
ART 310
Intermediate Painting: Media Exploration
ART 311
Intermediate Painting: Contemporary Approaches
ART 410
Advanced Painting
ART 343
Photography II
ART 344
Photography III
ART 443
Advanced Problems in Photography
ART 373
Intermediate Printmaking
ART 375
Screen Printing
ART 470
Advanced Printmaking
ART 321
Intermediate Sculpture
ART 421
Advanced Sculpture
ART 331
Intermediate Ceramics
ART 431
Advanced Ceramics
ART 355
Intermediate Fibers/Textiles
ART 453
Advanced Fibers/Textiles
ART 364
Intermediate Jewelry/Metals
ART 463
Advanced Jewelry/Metals
ART 497
Internship (up to 3 credits)
ART 498
Independent Study (up to 3 credits)
ART 499
Travel Course (up to 3 credits)
Woodworking & Furniture Design:
ART 335
Intermediate Woodworking & Furniture Design
ART 435
Advanced Woodworking & Furniture Design
Upper Level Psychology Courses:13
Research Methods in Psychology
Counseling and Psychotherapy
choose 6 credits of PSYCH electives
Psychology of Stereotyping and Prejudice
Cultural Psychology
Psychology of Women and Gender
Psychology of Cognitive Processes
Theories of Personality
Abnormal Psychology
Multicultural Counseling and Mental Health
Clinical Child Psychology
Total Credits69