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Chancellor’s Council of Trustees Mission Statement

Mission (2015 and beyond)

As the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) Chancellor’s Council of Trustees we will establish our position of recognized preeminence in effective advocacy and support for a UW System regional comprehensive university by the distinctive manner in which we:

  • Collaborate with and advise the Chancellor in the strategy, planning and operations of UWGB in support of its goal to become the recognized comprehensive campus in Wisconsin for providing the best-value academic experience for its students and for being a value-added partner for economic growth initiatives in the region.
  • Actively support the work of advancing the mission of the University through special projects including but not limited to philanthropy, advocacy, networking for the purpose of creating opportunities for students and faculty and active support of high impact academic and non-academic programs (e.g., Phoenix Athletics; the arts and music).
  • Use our special networks and connections to give wise counsel to the Chancellor regarding public policy discussions affecting the university, emerging opportunities for the university and areas of potential reputational gain or risk.
  • Actively and effectively communicate institutional objectives, position and goals to all stakeholders and the community at large.