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Sustainability & Environmental Work

The Original ECO-U®

We’re going back to our roots.

We have begun to recapture our identity as an institution that was founded on the ideals of environmental stewardship and sustainability, but we still have a long way to go to be seen as a leader in these efforts.

Patrick Forsythe's water science class in bib waders standing in a body of water

Increase our Presence in Sustainability and Environmental Work

We need to go back to our roots as the initial Eco-U®. This includes reaching a gold standard from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and increasing the amount of environmental research we do that can help our region. With multiple natural spaces owned by UW-Green Bay, we have an opportunity to make a profound impact on the environment of our region.

What We've Done

Where We're Going

  • Work to achieve Gold status on the STARS report for the first time in our history.
  • Determine our next NERR-like project that inspires education and hope for the next generation of leaders.