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Digital Transformation

Giving Ourselves An Upgrade

Better technology means more opportunities.

We want to update UW-Green Bay so we're more in line with the modern age by improving processes and student experience, investing in new technologies, and maximizing use of current systems.

Digital Transformation - glowing butterfly emerging from a chrysalis

Digital Transformation

We are taking another step to advance our campus into a modern university that aligns with technologies of today and the expectations of the students we teach. That step is to embrace a culture of digital transformation. “Digital Transformation” refers to the evolution of an organization’s foundational business practices through the use of technology and data. Now, more than ever, we need to rethink, reimagine and reinvent how we operate as a university. We must evaluate how, when, and where we are providing services to our students and to each other. Most importantly, we need to use data for informed decision-making in a highly competitive higher education landscape.

What We've Done

  • Modernized our practices to thrive in a digital world, creating positive changes in how we educate, broaden our connections to students and complete our business functions.

Where We're Going

  • Leverage powerful technologies like AI to expand the impact of our staff, given our current budget realities.
  • Use technology to manage workloads, inspire human interaction and increase the job satisfaction of our faculty and staff.