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Inclusivity & Equity

Realize Our Promise

We're committed to solving the racial educational opportunity gap.

The educational opportunity gap in our state is one of the worst in the country. The inequities in our region are exacerbated by uneven access to education, and our community cannot grow together unless we level the educational playing field. Actions speak louder than words. Solving it is urgent.

Multi-ethnic group of people join hands


As a regional comprehensive university, the demographics of UW-Green Bay should roughly match the demographics of the region we serve. Our communities are changing and evolving, and so are we; we are now the third most racially diverse university within the Universities of Wisconsin.

Providing education for all demographics prevents large income and socioeconomic disparities due to educational opportunity gaps. Eliminating these gaps helps the economy and improves the quality of life of everyone in our communities. We will not stray from the overarching goal of educational equity and opportunity. All have a place at UW-Green Bay.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

What We've Done

  • Continued to increase annual Rising Phoenix enrollment numbers in rural districts. 
  • Support rural school districts to expand advanced offerings for their students.
  • Grown an average of 15% per year in students who identify as Hispanic since 2020. 
  • Host a two-day Wisconsin Latinx History Collective event.

Where We're Going

  •  Maintain our level of growth in Hispanic enrollment for the next five years to keep pace with the overall growth of the Hispanic population in our region.
  • Create and grow a network for rural students at UW-Green Bay that creates engagement and provides support for issues that concern them.
  • Become a Hispanic-Serving Institution.
  • Pursue the same goals to increase participation and retention for all students regardless of how they identify.