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Office of the


Commitment to Education

Dedicated to the idea of an educated person

"The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is dedicated to the idea of an educated person as one who is guided by the love of learning, committed to inquiry, creativity and scholarship through interdisciplinary and disciplinary approaches to defining and solving problems, and who is an active citizen providing service to the community."

All of UW-Green Bay’s Chancellors have signified their commitment to the idea of an educated person by adding their signature to the ceremonial parchment. The first three chancellors — Edward Weidner, David Outcalt and Mark Perkins — signed the document when the mace was dedicated May 19, 2001 at spring commencement. Bruce Shepard, Thomas K. Harden and Gary L. Miller added their signatures during their installation ceremonies on Sept. 20, 2002, Oct. 30, 2009 and Nov. 14, 2014 respectively.

This proclamation is stored as a scroll inside the handle of the University Mace, which figures in academic ceremonies.