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Digital Badging

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Signaling expertise with certificates & digital badges.

UW-Green Bay awards exclusive Digital Badges when you complete a key training or program. A Digital Badge is a validation of an accomplishment, skillset, or competency that a learner has earned, assuring employer confidence.

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Linking learning to leading edge skills

Learner and Employee Benefits

Digital Badges can be placed on a resume or digital platform such as LinkedIn, to show employers you have the critical capabilities and competencies your role — or the role you seek — requires.

Verified Knowledge

Badges are a quick and easy way to share verified knowledge and expertise to employers and supervisors


Badges empower earners with 24/7 digital access on resumes, websites, social media and email signatures

competitive Advantage

Badges provide a competitive advantage and a way for you to differentiate from other job candidates

Employer and Recruiter Benefits

Evaluating candidates is an art and a science. Digital badges offer evidenced-based proof that candidates have the necessary skills to be a fit for your company or organization, making your job easier.

Validated Achievement

Badges are a secure and validated way to recognize professional achievement

Record of Accomplishment

Badges offer an update to date record of accomplishment for candidates

Coachable Mindset

Badges indicate a willingness to learn and a coachable mindset

There's Data Inside

Digital badges offer a credentialing platform with stackable learning pathways and shareable learner records. Each badge is awarded with detailed learning outcomes. It's not just a pretty face. Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) Certificate Program was developed to help individuals, teams and organizations build more equitable working environments. Each of the eight sessions has been intentionally created to challenge all facets of bias. All learning outcomes are captured in the badge metadata, accessible to employers and recruiters to review.

Image of woman with overlay of digital badge showing data inside

What the Badge Reveals

  • Badge Name
  • Badge URL (description)
  • Badge Criteria
  • Badge Image
  • Issuer
  • Issue Date
  • Recipient
  • Criteria
  • Alignment
  • Evidence URL