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Adapting to a Changing
Business Climate

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In an effort to help Northeastern Wisconsin companies adapt to a changing business climate, challenged by health concerns and news headlines, we have put together a series of easy-to-access and easy-to-adopt virtual trainings, which address key topics for work readiness and operating safely.

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Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Self-Paced Online Training
Duration: 2 Hours
Cost: $30

Emotional Intelligence is key to controlling your emotions, handling conflicts effectively, reducing stress and clearly communicating with your team! This self-paced course will give you the tools and skills to know your emotions and how they affect all aspects of your life. You will begin to understand how emotions play into decision making and personality types in your workplace, and you will also learn how to lead yourself to lead others in an emotionally intelligent workplace. Team or employee group pricing available.


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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Self-Paced Online Training
Duration: 30 Minutes
Cost: $15

Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in low workplace morale and decreased employee effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency. If unchecked, rising stress may cause increased employee absenteeism or burnout. Mindfulness has shown great value in enhancing stress management and promoting employee self-care, which is why businesses have started to integrate the practice into the workplace. Additional benefits include aiding clear and constructive communication and strengthening workplace relationships.Mindfulness is a relational practice: It's a way to re-frame our relationship to stress, burnout, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and other challenges at work. This self-paced training module will provide practical applications to implement mindfulness into your daily work routine. Team or employee group pricing available.


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Ready to Reinvent

“The Phoenix is the perfect symbol for me, for an adult, returning to school. I had this drive.”

Learn How Eric Made a Transformation

Popular Training Courses

We can also create or adapt other popular training courses to your specific environment or culture.

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