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Licensed Professionals

Continuing Education
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Earn profession-specific credit hours.

We are accredited by the state of Wisconsin to provide profession-specific credit hours for licensed professionals and have deep experience developing relevant, meaningful and socially conscientious courses and events.


Caregiver helping elderly woman

Credentialing Human Service Professionals

Marriage & Family Therapy, Professional Counseling & Social Work

Conveniently get training to enhance your knowledge and to improve your value. We specialize in maintaining and advancing the careers of health and human services professionals with classes designed to fulfill state-mandated requirements for continuing education.

Social worker helping client

Ethics & Boundaries

We provide high-quality and accessible classes that provide a framework for ethical decision-making and a best practice model to address boundary-related issues.

Foundation for Success   

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Special Topics

We develop courses that address the many factors that might influence the client relationship, including grief, trauma, end of life, mental health and distinct client groups.

Impacting Care & Compassion    

Our Learners are Our Best Ambassadors

"I had a really great experience, and my class was really close. We felt like a family. All the classes were interesting and informative in their own way."

Jenna Ingrisch participant

Jenna Ingrisch, APSW
Stay-at-Home Mom

"I chose UW-Green Bay trainings as I can always count on high quality education with instruction from educators with expertise. I look forward to attending more in my career."

Alyssa Olson participant

Alyssa Olson
Medical Social Worker

Credentialing Massage & Bodywork Therapists

You're in good hands for continuing education credit hours to maintain and progress as a massage and bodywork therapist.

Massage therapist with client

We fulfill continuing education courses that cover the scope of practice for massage and bodywork therapists, including business practices and ethics.

Thrive in Your Practice    

Kayle Petitjean

Need Guidance?

If you need additional guidance, please contact Kayle Petitjean, Office of Professional Continuing Education, at or 920-465-2642.

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