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Building a workforce for tomorrow.

A diverse skillset is demanded in today's progressive economy, and our continuing professional education programs can help you train for the future.

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Planning a Conference?

We can help you make it happen — from initial planning to execution, we can tailor an event to your specific needs

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Need a Compass?

Sometimes you just need a little direction — working with a career coach can ensure you make thoughtful career decisions

Navigating the Future  

Education & Careers

We can be your one-stop connection for everything the university has to offer

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Build the workforce you need.

Build the workforce you need by partnering with us for a custom solution that responds to emerging technology, changing market or socio-economic factors or environmental issues. People skills remain your primary asset and the key to productivity and profit.

Create a Talent Strategy  

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Committing to talent development as part of your culture can help engage and retain employees and give your company a competitive advantage. We can help facilitate.

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Rethink Education

Compared to a degree plan, a certificate program is relatively short-term (months versus years) and lower in cost. The curriculum is also more intentional (no prerequisites, no general education), delivering direct relevance to the workplace. Two in-demand certificate programs for today's employers are Project Management and Supervisory Leadership.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Create a culture where every employee has a voice. Social transformation begins with human transformation. Encourage informed workplaces and communities.

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Emerging Leadership

If you have demonstrated leadership capability but have never formally managed a team, stand out and escalate your career with a certificate program from the Schreiber Institute for Women's Leadership designed to maximize your potential with key competencies.

Maximize Your Potential  

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Human Resource Management

Make an impact as a strategic partner in your organization to improve employees' engagement and performance. Designed for current HR practitioners and professionals interested in an HR role to stay up-to-date with industry best practices.

Propel Positive Change  

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Project Management

Effective project managers use a variety of tools and techniques to deliver quality projects on time and within budget. Develop skills and knowledge you can bring to traditional and agile business environments.

Shape the Outcome  

Specialty Services

We offer workshops that can help you identify employee strengths, education for specific sectors and a credentialing system to back it all up. 

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Real Colors® Workshops

A customized, on-site Real Colors® Workshop can help you appreciate, recognize and develop every team member for their individual capabilities.

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Local Government

We train next level community leaders with industry-leading programming and credentials.

Advancing Careers  

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World Languages

Explore the cultural richness of other countries and continents with language learning.

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Get Prepared

Follow a proven approach for successful completion of the CFP® Certification Examination. 

Gain better retention of the necessary CFP® Certification Examination information by following a tested, disciplined and experienced approach and expedite the preparation time frame in order to successfully complete the exam on the first try. At the same time, learn with a dedicated group of students and continue to build your practice.

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Let's Talk About Your Training Needs

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Christopher Ledvina

Business Development Specialist
(920) 465-2164

Christopher has a great passion for helping business and industry grow through training and education. Christopher will help you identify skill gaps and address them with courses that respect the time and learning styles of your employees.

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