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Ready to Work

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In an effort to help Northeastern Wisconsin companies adapt to a changing business climate, challenged by health concerns and news headlines, UW-Green Bay Continuing Professional Education has put together a series of easy-to-access and easy-to-adopt virtual trainings, which address key topics for work readiness and operating safely.

COVID-19 Return to Work

— Self-Paced Online Training —


This online-only course will provide guidance to employees about actions they can take to keep themselves, their coworkers, their families and their community safe as businesses reopen and workers return to work. Return to Work also provides employees with insight into new or modified policies and procedures that business owners may implement to maintain a safer work environment and protect employee’s health during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The estimated course length is 1 hour.  Employees will take an online assessment to assure comprehension.  With this course, employers can be assured that their employees have a basic understanding of a safe work environment during this time of a pandemic.

Mindfulness in the Workplace

— Self-Paced Online Training —

Workplaces today face increasing demands and challenges. High stress levels may result in low workplace morale and decreased employee effectiveness, creativity, and efficiency. If unchecked, rising stress may cause increased employee absenteeism or burnout.

Mindfulness has shown great value in enhancing stress management and promoting employee self-care, which is why businesses have started to integrate the practice into the workplace. Additional benefits include aiding clear and constructive communication and strengthening workplace relationships. 

Mindfulness is a relational practice: It's a way to re-frame our relationship to stress, burnout, anxiety, interpersonal conflict and other challenges at work. This self-paced training module will provide practical applications to implement mindfulness into your daily work routine. The training can be completed in approximately 30 minutes


Registering Your Employees for Classes

If you would like to take advantage of group pricing for any of our classes for your employees or team, please contact our Continuing Professional Education's Business Development Specialists for group registration.

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