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What to Know

We offer an opportunity to add value to the student experience.

We provide online courses that allow high school students to earn high school and college credit.

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Why choose the Academy?

The Academy gives students access to dual credit courses they might not otherwise have access to.

  • Instructors are hired by UW-Green Bay.
  • Online on-demand platform gives students the flexibility to take courses without having to leave their high school.
  • Academy courses are only open to high school students, so they have more opportunity of getting into their desired classes.

Which courses are available?

Learn about available courses by semester.

How much do courses cost?

Courses are offered at a reduced tuition rate.

Tuition TypeCost Per Credit
Full Tuition & Fees$353.06
Dual Enrollment Access Academy$200.00

Who pays for courses?

Schools can pay for students to take courses through the Academy, or alternately students and their family may pay for courses. It is up to the school to communicate to the student and their family how much the school will pay, if anything. Our priority at the university is to expand access to education. We strongly urge schools to pay for students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch to help students overcome any financial barriers.

What about textbooks?

We are able to help obtain books for students, or schools have the option to acquire them independently. (This is noted on the enrollment form.) If we do assist with textbooks, the school will be invoiced accordingly. 

Are approvals needed?

No. The Academy is a separate and independent program from Early College Credit Program, which is state-legislated with approval requirements. 

How do we sign up?

The process for enrolling in Academy courses is relatively easy. Here's a quick overview of steps:

Step 1:

Student and school counselor complete enrollment form

Step 2:

School reviews, signs and returns form to student

Step 3:

Student and parent review and sign form

Step 4:

School counselor emails form and transcript

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Need Help?

We're here for you! Call or email the Academy at 920-360-1235 or

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