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Preparation of Mail

General Information

Preparation of Mail PDF

The following should be applied to all outgoing mail

Before placing mail in the bin, it should be sorted by the following categories:

  • Items that are put in a departmental #10 envelope and mailed to UWGB Housing or a campus address must be kept separate and identified as such, as they are handled internally at no cost to your department. If they are not separated as "on campus" sometimes they are sent through the postage meter-then your department gets charged.
  • Interdepartment and resident student, foreign, handwritten, post cards, other (Canada & Mexico are included in foreign).
  • Prestamped or business reply mail should be banded separately.
  • All mail, other than first class letters, should be marked as to how it should be mailed or it will be sent at the lowest rate.

Trays are available for large mailings - call the Mail Center at ext 2215.

Interdepartment Mail

  • Address should include individual's name and campus address (not office address) only. See campus directory for MAIL ADDRESS, not office address:
  • Resident student mail addresses should state the box number and Walter Way, i.e., 2345 Walter Way. When properly identified, there is no charge for Walter Way mail.
  • Close all envelopes.
  • Cross out names on both sides before reusing.


  • A postage account number and department name MUST be included in the return address. This ensures your mail is billed to the proper account number. It also gets returned mail back to you without delay.
  • Foreign mail must be bundled separately from other outgoing mail.
  • Flaps up on unsealed standard size #10 envelopes.
  • Overly thick #10 envelopes must be sealed.
  • Large envelopes (flats) must be sealed, clasped, or taped shut. Metal clasp envelopes are discouraged.
  • When using window envelopes, be sure the complete address will ALWAYS be visible. Nothing else may show in the window.
  • Do not put labels, notations, or endorsements in the upper right corner where the postage is to be applied. Put it directly above the return address near the top of the envelope.
  • Do not enclose paper clips or staples in your envelopes because they jam the postage machine and will rip the envelope.

Packages and Boxes

  • Tape boxes securely. Tying with string is prohibited by the Post Office and UPS because it gets caught on equipment.
  • If you must use staples, make sure they are flat so they will not cut anyone who would handle the package. Use of staples on the exterior of the mail piece is prohibited.
  • If reusing a package or box, remove any old labels and mark out any old information.
  • Always use a new label and only ONE address label on the parcel.
  • Labels should not be placed on a seam.
  • A non-pressure sensitive label should not be applied over plastic unless it is taped down on ALL sides.

Foreign Mail

  • Separate from other mail and band.
  • All foreign Letter mail is sent airmail, unless specified surface mail.
  • There must be a city and a country written in English in the address.
  • Pamphlets, brochures, etc. must be in an envelope to be sent to a foreign country. No Bulk Mail to any foreign address.
  • All packages/boxes must include a note on the outside stating the contents and the value. The Mail Center needs this information in order to complete customs' forms.
  • Contact the Mail Center at ext 2534 for the limitations on other foreign mail, such as weight and size limits, types of delivery, customs forms, and special services.

Bulk Mail

Bulk Mail Processing Order Form

  • All pieces must be identical in weight, size and content, weighing less than 16 ounces.
  • There is a 200 piece or 50 pound minimum.
  • The bulk permit imprint must be printed or hand stamped in the upper right corner.
  • Number 10 business envelopes must be sealed before dropped off at to the Mail Center for processing. The Mail Center can seal these, but only Before the address is put on.
  • Larger envelopes (known as flats) must be closed by either sealing or taping them shut. Clasp envelopes are discouraged. Self-mailers must be double tabbed at the top.
  • All pieces must be trayed in zip code order
    (00601-99999). In addition, you must furnish a list or printout which shows, in zip code order:
    • all five-digit zip codes with 10 or more pieces
    • all remaining three-digit zip codes having 10 or more pieces
    • total number of pieces in the mailing
  • A UWGB return address including an account number and/or department name MUST appear in the upper left corner, and must be in the following format:
  • Department Name/Postage Code
  • University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  • 2420 Nicolet Drive
  • Green Bay WI 54311-7001
  • Allow 4-5 working days for the Mail Center to complete the process (counting, presorting to bulk rate requirements, bundling, sacking, labeling, statement preparation, and delivery to the Post Office).
  • The mailing should be placed in boxes or trays with the addresses facing the same direction, in ZIP CODE order, starting with the lowest zip code number in the front to the highest. Label the boxes or trays 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Foreign mail, including Canada and Mexico, cannot be sent at bulk rates and must be in an envelope to be sent out airmail.


  • Personal mail or packages cannot be processed by the Mail Center unless postage has been affixed by you.
  • Notify the Mail Center of all staff or account number changes as soon as possible.
  • Please call the Mail Center if your office will be closed during normal operating hours.
  • Stamps for personal use can be purchased at the Main Desk in the Union.