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Construction Projects

This page is dedicated to providing the general public with knowledge concerning UW-Green Bay’s Capital Building Projects. For each project listed below, we will try to provide pertinent information that may not be available elsewhere. Some of these projects will have progress photos attached so you may see the rate of construction unfolding.

CTEC Building model

Cofrin Technology & Education Center (CTEC)

The Cofrin Technology and Education Center will replace the David A. Cofrin Library. 

Visit the CTEC site

Pre-Design Studies

  • Campus Master Plan Updates - Completed Fall 2023
  • Health Sciences & Clinical Practice - Finalizing Spring 2024
  • University Union Addition & Renovation - Renovation study – Finalize in 2024

2024 State Projects

  • Remodel W.H. Conference Room for C.S.B. Executive Board Room - Donor Funded.
  • Weidner Center Performing Arts – Repaving Lots “A” and “B”, portion of N. Circle Drive, and Footpath from Union to S.A. Parking Lot.
  • Weidner Center Performing Arts – Life Safety Improvements - New Emergency Generator and Lighting Replacements
  • Weidner Center Performing Arts - New Music Recording Studios - Donor Funded
  • Studio Arts 4th Floor Painting & Drawing Labs Renovation.

UVHI / Residence Life

  • Remodel 1965 Room in University Union - Summer 2024
  • New Freshman 200 Bed Dormitory - Phase I - New Construction to be Completed August 2024 for Full Occupancy.  
  • Brick and Concrete Balcony Repairs for Three of the Traditional Dorm Buildings.

2024-25 State Projects

  • Primary/Secondary electric service replacement for: Studio Arts, Theatre Hall, Student Services, University Union, Environmental Sciences, Instructional Services and other campus facilities
  • Campus Wide Fire Alarm Replacement - Includes E.S., I.S., K.E.C., L.S., MAC, R.H., W.H., S.A., and T.H.

2024 Internal Projects

  • Campus Tech. and Education Center  (CTEC) will go out for Bids in December 2024 with Construction Start 2025.

2024-25 Arboretum Work

  • American Transmission Company (ATC) will Replace Existing Underground Electrical Service Distribution Cabling through Cofrin Memorial Arboretum along South Circle Drive.

Completed Projects

Upon project completion, we will move the files to the Project Archives page.