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Environmental Science Lecture Hall Remodel

Project Scope

This project will remodel the 3208 NSF lecture hall by replacing the 370 existing tablet arm chairs with 160 fixed table and chair assemblies. The room will be retiered to accommodate this new seating configuration. These tables will have the capabilities to provide power and data links for each student, yet currently, we will not connect any of the systems.

Design and Construction Team

Architects Group LimitedArchitect
J C Basten ConstructionGeneral contractor
AMA HeatingHeating and ventilating contractor
VanDenHeuvel ElectricElectrical contractor

Progress Reports

March 22, 2000

As of March 07, 2000, the construction documents have been out on the street. The bids are due by April 06, with construction beginning on May 17. The "Power- Up" seating is provided by Krueger International.

June 23, 2000

The demolition of the lecture hall was completed by June 14. Much of the ductwork and conduits were not salvaged due to the physical location within the slab. The first tier was poured on June 16. All of the cement was brought in via wheelbarrows.

August 23, 2000

The lecture hall has been completed. The tables and seats were installed on August 16 - 18. They are capable of having power and data for each station should the University decide to make the final terminations. Currently, we are working with the Audio / Visual portion of the project. This involves installing an AMX control station that will operate the screens, lighting, VCR, computer terminal, slide projector, and rear screen projector. The project will be completely ready for the start of the Fall 2000 semester.