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Physical Planning Process

The planning process plays a vital role in relaying the mission of UW-Green Bay’s learning environment through building, landscape, and community enhancements. Planning requires both general and specific viewpoints; while there is a conscious effort to be concerned with long-range direction. With this in mind, it is in the best interests to provide the University’s academic programs with facilities that support them. The University of Wisconsin System Administration Capital Planning and Budget requires that each campus provide current Physical Development Plans,as well as, prioritized capital project lists for each biennium. These planning cycles allow the System Administration staff to prepare budget requests that will be considered by the Board of Regents and the State Building Commission. Any project that exceeds $185,000 must be approved by the Building Commission, regardless of the funding source. Projects are broken into groups based on the estimated total cost and funding source of the project. A Minor Project is listed under $760,000 and a Major Project is listed above $760,000. Most projects are funded using General Purpose Revenue (GPR), unless the project is supported by Program Revenue (PR) sources. These Program Revenue sources (generally student funds or Auxiliary revenues) come in the form of Unions, Student Housing, and Sport Centers.